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New Features since 8.0

New Features in 8.4.6 (March 26, 10):

8.4.6 includes a dimmed recycle symbol to make it easier to turn on the recycling. Several obscure bugs were corrected.

New Features in 8.4.4 (March 9, 10):

8.4.4 adds several nice features that make life easier for the user:

  • Tying of tabs is preserved when a single workspace is saved with internal ties, as well as when a session is saved. This allows the workspace with tied tabs to be saved as a favorite, and for the tabs to scroll together however that workspace is reopened.
  • Pressing command to see the dictionary article for the word under the cursor in the Instant Details: if there is a main article for that word it is now displayed, rather than just the first entry containing the word.
  • For Key number texts, the shift-triple-click opens the last English dictionary rather than the Key dictionary.

New Features in 8.4.2 (January 19, 10):

Version 8.4.2 makes it even easier to edit user notes, and to find modules in the Library window.

New Features in 8.4.1 (December 8, 09):

Version 8.4.1 adds a direct link to Google maps when right-clicking on any point on the map.

New Features in 8.4 (November 10, 09):

Accordance 8.4, a free update for users of Accordance 8, adds these new features:

  • Copy as Citation for a selection in any tool pane includes the bibliography. The selection and bibliography are formatted according to the Bibliography Preferences. The specific formats currently supported include the SBL and Turabian styles, either with the bibliography below the citation or inserted automatically as a footnote. (OS X only).
    Note: This first release of this new feature attempts to provide accurate Bibliographic information from any tool, but it is not perfect, so please check for errors.
  • If a string of words is not found in a text or tool, the dialog now offers to search for ANY or ALL of the words.
  • An option in Print Settings scales the image up or down to fit onto the printed page (OS X only).
  • Check for Updates now displays the sizes of file downloads, and also any recommended paid updates for modules whose name has changed.
  • After changing the Text and Tool Display Preferences, the user has the option to apply the new settings to the currently open panes.
  • User Bible import now proceeds even when there are verse discrepancies, but gives a warning for each book.

New Features in 8.3.2 (September 17, 09):

Accordance 8.3.2 further improves the module links in user tools by adding the link style automatically to the pasted links. It also supports links between user tools.

The functionality of all the fonts has been restored with the exception of Hoefler Text in Snow Leopard. The solution is to restore an earlier version of the font.

New Features in 8.3 (September 2, 09):

  • Command-drag over words or verse references to see a dictionary or commentary article in the Instant Details box.
  • Customize the orientation of the Instant Details box and easily copy the information it contains.
  • Hover your mouse over most buttons, menus, and controls for Help tags. Hold down the command key while viewing a Help tag to get more detailed help.
  • View Greek and Hebrew words in the History menu.
  • Easily return to viewing all verses after a search.
  • Instantly jump to any book of the Bible.
  • Enjoy more accurate highlighting between English Bibles with key numbers and Greek and Hebrew texts.

In addition to all this, Accordance 8.3 includes a variety of other enhancements and interface improvements. It corrects minor compatibility issues with 10.6 (Snow Leopard). The Universal version (compatible with 10.3.9 and up) offers the additional advantages of automatic updating, international localization, Apple services, and more.

See the full list of dozens of new features below, and download the upgrade.

Changes in 8.3

WARNING: saved windows or sessions from 8.3 may crash if opened in earlier versions.


  • Pop-up help tags have been added to the buttons and other controls in many windows. A short help tag appears when the cursor delays over a control. Pressing command opens an expanded tag with more details where appropriate. Some text prompts were removed from windows as no longer necessary.
  • Floating windows now snap into position when they are moved close to a main window or workspace.
  • Focus rings have been added to mark the currently selected text box. The focus ring around a selected text pane (in multi-pane windows) now fades to gray when a text box is selected, and to a fainter gray when another window is active.
  • The History menu displays Greek and Hebrew in the correct language.
  • For Browser and Instant Details, and windows such as Analysis and Parsing, increased the number of font size settings from three to seven (added Very Small, Medium Small, Medium Large, and Very Large). This will require you to reset the Font size of the Browsers in Preferences: Appearance.


  • Added localization to Portugu√™s (Brasil).
  • The universal version of Accordance is now compatible with OS 10.3.9 and the PPC version is no longer needed. This makes additional features such as Check for Updates, international localization, and Apple services available on 10.3.9.

Text Panes

  • When there are multiple occurrences of the same word in a verse, the Key number highlighting feature no longer highlights all the words, it selects the one corresponding in position to the word under the cursor.
  • When switching the search text to another corpus (such as QUMRAN), any parallel panes are now updated to other texts of the same corpus (in the order on the pop-up list). This avoids the same new text appearing in all the panes.
  • The "Go To" pop-up menu now lists only the books actually present in the window, unless there are more than 3000 verses, in which case all books are shown.
  • Choosing a book from the menu automatically activates the Go To button and displays the text of that book.
  • A color icon was added to the Custom item on the color menus of the Set Text Display dialog, giving visual feedback for the current custom color. It also appears on the Highlight Styles colors menu.
  • Moving the scroll wheel over a pane now selects and scrolls that pane, instead of scrolling whichever pane is selected.

Instant Details

  • The Copy button on the Instant Details box (available when pressing shift), and the Copy As: Instant Details in the contextual menu, copy the details currently showing in the window.
  • Instant Tool Look-up:
    The first relevant article of a tool appears in the Instant Details box when the command key is pressed and the cursor is over a text pane.
    If the cursor is over a:
    1. Greek or Hebrew or a plain English word the box displays the first article of the top dictionary in that language.
    2. word in a Key number text, the related Key dictionary is displayed.
    3. verse reference, the top Reference tool is displayed
      Releasing the command key restores the original instant details
  • Switch button lets you switch the Instant Details between horizontal and vertical orientation.

Search Window

Two quick methods have been added to display the entire text by adding an asterisk to the Verse search and activating the search:

  • pressing command-option-; (also toggles between word and verse searching)
  • double clicking on the 'Verses' button (also works if the Verses is already selected)

Tools Window

The option of zero extra fields no longer appears on the menu in More options, but any empty extra fields are ignored.


  • Check for Updates should now work even where the network uses a proxy (as in many large network systems).
  • The Accordance icon now bounces in the dock when the downloads are complete.

Original Languages

  • Searching by case with the ANY tag no longer includes prepositions or improper prepositions, since the case tag for prepositions is the case they take (on the following word), not the true case of the word.
  • A note was added to the Hebrew Suffix Tag dialog to indicate the menu location of special tags.
  • The Helena hyphen and em-dash were added to the character palette.


The Copy as Citation feature for Key number texts, such as the NAS95S and NIV-G/K, now removes the "S" or "-G/K" from the name so that the citation is cleaner.


Additional items were added to the menus of the menu bar for easier access, and so they can be found by searching in the Help menu.

  • Edit menu:
    Copy As submenu: User Tool Link when a search or tool window is in front copies the module, field, and entry as a link for use in a User Tool edit window.
  • Search menu:
    Search For
    submenu displays the commands which toggle searching between Words and Verses
    Find Name on Map or Timeline toggles with Find/Replace
  • Display menu:
    Zoom submenu displays the commands which make the text or picture larger or smaller
  • Selection menu:
    Repeat Highlight item
    Make Link item
  • Window menu:
    Tabs submenu displays commands related to moving tabs
    Show Details item toggles to Show Search
    Add To Favorites submenu adds the front tab as a favorite module, or the front workspace

Other Menus

  • New Add menu on the Library window has three items:
    Add New Module
    Add Module to Favorites to add the front tab
    Add Workspace to Favorites to add the front workspace
  • Contextual menu item for Copy as User Tool Link in search entry box copies the module, field, and entry as a link for use in a User Tool edit window.

Added and Changed Key Commands

New shortcuts were added to allow the changing of the display text in the selected text pane. Several other changes were made to streamline the navigation of windows, tabs and panes, and these are summarized as follows:

  • Command-tab and shift-command-tab cycle through all open programs
  • Command ` (prime) and shift-command ` cycle through open windows
  • Shift-command [ and shift-command ] cycle through the tabs (also control-tab and shift- control-tab)
  • Shift-control [ and shift-control ] cycle through the text panes
  • Control 1 through 0 or +/- or up/down arrow cycle the current search text
  • Shift-control 1 through 0 or +/- or up/down arrow cycle the current display text
  • Option-tab is disabled, and shift-tab now moves the focus between text entry boxes in the reverse direction from tab.
  • Opening a new Search All window is now control-command F (was command F)
  • Search for selection in the same module changed to option-command F (was command 4)
  • Search Menu item Find/Replace, and Find on Map and Timeline still use command F
  • Control-command H opens the Define Highlight Styles dialog box (was command E)
  • Search and Display text pop-up menus show the key-commands to switch to the top ten modules.

Accordance widget:

The widget was updated to work in OS 10.6.

New Features in 8.2.3 (May 11, 09):

Although only a free dot-dot upgrade, Accordance 8.2.3 will make a lot of users happy with the changes it offers:

Scripture References in Instant Details

  • When the cursor is over a multi-verse reference in a Tool or User Notes window, the Instant Details box now displays up to 8 verses of the text.

Spaces Between Book Names and Numbers

  • When entering verse references it is no longer necessary to avoid entering a space between a book number and name, so that 2 Kings is now acceptable anywhere in a list of references. However, now you must add a comma or semi-colon after the last number of the previous reference so that it is not interpreted as a book number. Thus Gen 1:1; Ex 1:1 must be used rather than Gen 1:1 Ex 1:1.
  • Copy as Citation and Copy as References now automatically add a space between a book number and name, so that 2Kings becomes 2 Kings. This is separate from the setting of Use SBL Standard notation in Preferences/Appearance.

Other Text Export Enhancements

  • Accordance now converts to the the correct Unicode characters when exporting NA27 apparatus sigla. Slight changes were also made in the "stripping" of characters in Greek and Syriac.

Reference List Window

  • Control-command-R adds the selected verse(s) to the top item in the Add Selection To submenu, making it easier to add verses to a Reference List. The limit of verses has been raised from 1000 to 10,000.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Command-+ and Command- - now resize the text in the Analysis, Concordance, Table, Parsing, and Text Differences windows, as they already did in the main windows.
  • Control-0 changes the current search text to the tenth item in the pop-up menu.

New Features in 8.2 (March 8, 09):


Accordance 8.2 Universal is now localized to German and Spanish, so these languages are automatically supported if the primary System language is German or Spanish.

Additional minor enhancements in this release include:


  • When triple-clicking a word, if the word is not found in a search of the first dictionary, the other dictionaries in the category are searched in turn until the word is found.
  • Hebrew prefixes and suffixes are considered part of a single selected word when amplifying to a tagged text, so the equal sign is correctly added to the separate lemmas or inflected forms.
  • Hebrew vowels are now correctly divided between a word and its suffix, when these are separated by a space.


Adding f after a verse reference now adds a single unit, verse, chapter, or book, intead of adding all of the last unit like ff does. A period is now ignored after f or ff, rather than generating an error message.


  • Option-click on a pane close button closes all the other panes.
  • Further refinements to the diagram window include pressing option with an arrow key to move the object one pixel at a time.
  • Command-double-click on a module in the Library window opens an independent window instead of a tab.
  • Printing of 3 columns with side margins of 1 inch is now supported.

New Features in 8.1.2 (December 5, 08):

  • Character searching is now supported in tools, allowing you to look for symbols and punctuation
  • The INFER and Search Back search features were further refined
  • The Compare Texts feature supports lemma compare between the GNT Papyri and other texts

New Features in 8.1 (November 1, 08):

Version 8.1 offers an exciting new look which coordinates better with the appearance of Leopard, as well as some significant features and enhancements:

Redesigned Tabs and Buttons throughout the windows.

Built in and automatic Check for Updates to download updates of the program and modules.

Major enhancements to the diagram window including:

  • Magnification pop-up menu to zoom in and out
  • New Palette Items
  • Arcs, arrows, box, and flexible diagonal lines and dotted lines
  • Option-drag to reverse the direction of the palette item for Hebrew
  • Options in Set Diagram Display allow selection of:
  • Variable default font size
  • Variable grid allows easier organization in columns
  • Horizontal and Vertical Pages


  • Option to automatically search for the verse reference with the word, when amplifying from a text to a tool
  • Search for inflected form when the lexical form is not found, when amplifying from a tagged text to a tool
  • Amplify from a single word in a tagged text to a tagged text adds the equal sign for exact search, unless the exact form is not found
  • Amplify from a pane to the same search text adds all the current panes


  • General pane reorganized
  • Parallel pane allows the additional text to be set for each parallel


  • Set Default Display of selected modules in the Library window sets a batch of modules
  • User Note edit window can be opened in place when typing in a user note.
  • User Tools support hyperlinks to texts, tools, user tools, files on the hard drive, or URLs
  • Timeline has a new World History region, and an All Items list
  • The Apple Help button appears on most dialog boxes and many windows to link to the relevant Help page.
  • Support for Mac mouse special scrolling options
  • Tying of windows is preserved if a single workspace is saved

New Features in 8.0.5 (August 31, 08):

Accordance 8.0.5 provides improved import of HTML files into user tools, and more options for the export of selected text.

Keyboard shortcuts were changed as follows: option-command-X removes selected verses from the Reference List window, and shift-command-N adds a new folder to the Library window (instead of F).

This is in addition to the fixes in 10.3 for the two serious crashes on some Intel Macs (in 8.0 to 8.0.2). One occurred when printing to certain HP printers from OS 10.5.3 on the iMac. The other happened on opening the 3D Map window on Macs which use an NVidia graphics chipset with OS 10.5.2 or above.

Each release also corrects known bugs.

See also New Features in 8.0

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