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Accordance 9 offers Excellence Refined!

Accordance has always been amazingly fast. Accordance 9 is faster. Accordance has always been incredibly powerful. Accordance 9 is even more so. Accordance has always been flexible enough to let you work the way you want. Accordance 9 is more flexible still. If Accordance offers excellence in Bible study, Accordance 9 offers excellence refined!

You've Got the Look

Accordance 9 offers a new look for a new generation of Bible students. There are lots of cosmetic improvements like more modern controls and updated icons. Yet the beauty of Accordance 9 is more than skin deep. Each change has been carefully designed to improve your Bible study experience.

Workspace Get in the Zone

In the course of your Bible study, you may consult a vast array of texts, lexicons, commentaries, and other resources. To help you keep all those resource neatly arranged yet easily accessible, Accordance 9 introduces zones. Zones are like mini-workspaces within a single workspace window. Each zone can have tabs containing multiple resources, but unlike tabs, the zones always remain neatly arranged beside each other. You might decide to keep all your Bibles in one zone, all your dictionaries in another, and all your commentaries in a third. Or you might group your English Bibles in one zone, and all your Greek texts and tools in another. Zones give you complete flexibility to arrange your workspace however you like. Accordance 9 will even do its best to add new resources to the most appropriate zone available. Want to do Bible study "in the zone"? Get Accordance 9.

Search All Feel the Need for Speed?

Accordance has always offered lightning fast searches and incredibly convenient ways to interact with your search results . . . with one notable exception. The Search All window let you search every module in your library at once, but it didn't exactly break any speed records. It has therefore been completely redesigned for Accordance 9.

  • First, it's fast. A new method of indexing lets you search even the largest library in seconds. Best of all, your computer won't bog down for hours during the indexing process.
  • Second, you can now browse the results right in the Search All window. Browse through resources on the left and see hits in context on the right.
  • Third, a new Captions option lets you search for images in tools which contain a caption field, making it easy to mine your library for useful pictures and illustrations.

The screaming speed and convenient display of the revamped Search All window make it incredibly useful for mining the depths of your entire Accordance library. If you "feel the need for speed," then you need Accordance 9.

LoginNeed it Now? Get it Now!

Need a new commentary to help with Sunday's sermon? How about a better lexicon to help with that exegesis paper? It doesn't matter if the bookstores are closed, the Accordance online store is always open. And now with Accordance 9 Easy Install, almost every Accordance resource can be downloaded and installed in minutes. No more waiting for the mail to arrive, and no more shipping costs to pay. If you need it now, get it now.

Get Your Act TogetherLibrary-Groups

Accordance has long offered you options to group related modules together for opening or searching, but the various methods were confusing. That's all gone now. Simply add a folder to My Groups in the Library window, and drag any modules into it. Update, and bingo, this group is available to the souped up Search All. Want to simply open all the modules in that folder? Double-click on the folder. Command-double-click to open them in their own workspace which you can save as a Favorite, and then amplify to it to search for your selected word or phrase.

Go Beyond GrammarSyntax

Ever struggled to understand how one word relates to another in the original text? What is the subject of the sentence? Which clause states the main point and which clauses merely support that point? At times it takes a linguist to figure out!

So we took a linguist—actually a whole team of them—and put them to work analyzing the Bible text for you. They are still hard at work, but you can purchase their analysis of Genesis and John right now, enjoying free updates to the completed modules.

Accordance Syntax modules let you view a beautiful syntax tree which shows clearly how the words fit together. Syntactical terms are explained in the Instant Details and cross-highlight with the tagged text in a parallel pane. Want to find other examples of an interesting construction? Syntactical searches are easy to set up using the Search or Construct tabs.

This syntax has been designed from the get go to fit elegantly into Accordance and to help you engage with the text rather than with the syntactical database. You'll love the way it opens up the text for you.

EasyInstall Just Do It

What are you waiting for? Accordance 9 is ready to streamline and speed up your Bible study. Just order the upgrade, download the installer, and go!

See the new features in the video demo.

See Notes on 9 for Installation and Upgrade information. See New Since 9 for the changes in subsequent releases.

Accordance 9 with expanded free Starter package is $69

The first Syntactical databases are now available, with free upgrades as additional books are completed. Order the BHS-W4 Syntax and the GNT-T Syntax.

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