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New Features in Accordance 8

Accordance 8 represents another major leap forward with important upgrades. The fact that Accordance 8 is now Universal is a long-awaited "must have," and a significant change affecting the entire code.

Perhaps some of what Accordance 8 offers can be categorized as "gravy"--things you could probably have lived without but which you'll be sure to savor. The bulk of its enhancements, however, are things you may not have known that you need, but you'll soon be wondering how you ever got along without them.

Some of the new features are described and illustrated in detail on the Blog, and links to those posts will be added to the following descriptions.

Watch the movie demo of the new features.

The Big One

Universal Binary: The biggest change in Accordance 8 is that it is now Universal to run natively on Intel Macs. If you're running Accordance on an Intel Mac, you should notice a significant speed increase.Library window

Where is that Module?

Library Window: The new Library window makes it easy to find, organize, and open all your Accordance resources. Type some letters in the Find box and you'll be taken to the first module beginning with those letters. If there is more than one match, you can click the arrow buttons to cycle through all the matching modules. Once you've highlighted the module you want, simply hit the Return key to open it.

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Even More Search Power

Inference Searching: The powerful new INFER command enables you to search one passage for quotations and allusions to another passage. For example, you could search the Dead Sea Scrolls for allusions to the book of Genesis, or the book of James for allusions to the Gospels. Never before has it been this easy to look for parallels, quotations, and allusions between different bodies of literature. You can even "Search Back" to see where the allusion came from.

Fuzzy Searching: Have you ever wanted to find a phrase but been unsure of the exact wording? The new FUZZY command enables you to search for a phrase and find approximate matches.

ANY Tag: The new ANY tag can be used with grammatically tagged texts to find any part of speech which matches one or more grammatical criteria. For example, searching a Greek text for [ANY nominative] will find any noun, pronoun, adjective, article, or participle which appears in the nominative case.

Match that Word

Key Number Highlighting: Accordance has always let you display grammatically tagged Greek and Hebrew texts alongside English translations, but it has been up to you to determine which English word corresponds to which original language word. Now with Key Number highlighting, you can drag your cursor over a Greek or Hebrew word, and the corresponding word in an English text with Strong's numbers will instantly be highlighted! Or drag over the English word to highlight the original word it translates.

Highlighting of matching words

Another Favorite

Favorite Workspaces: Set up different workspaces for different purposes, then save them as favorites. You'll then be able to access them instantly from the Resource palette. If you select a word before choosing a favorite Workspace, every resource open in that workspace will instantly be searched for the word you selected!

For example, you might set up a workspace containing several commentaries, topical Bibles, and study Bibles. Then, whenever you're reading through a passage, you could select a verse and choose your favorite workspace to look up that verse in every one of those resources.

Or set up a Greek studies workspace with dictionaries, grammars, and Greek texts. Any time you want more information about a Greek word, you could select this workspace to look that word up in all of those different modules.

Eye Candy

Custom colors and color backgrounds: Tired of black text on a white background? Accordance 8 lets you set up your own custom colors in addition to the standard Accordance color palette, and use those colors for text or the window background. Try coffee-brown text on a parchment yellow background, olive text on a mint background, or even white text on a black background. The possibilities are endless.

Custom leading: Accordance 8 now lets you control the leading, or space between lines of text, to improve readability (and keep the graphic designers happy!).

Horizontal Panes: Accordance has always displayed Bibles side-by-side in vertically-oriented panes. With Accordance 8, you can choose horizontal panes and stack parallel Bibles one above the other.

Draggable Panes: Accordance 8 now lets you drag panes within a window to rearrange them. For example, if you have a window with panes containing the KJV, NIV, and ESV, and you decide you want the ESV to be in the middle, simply grab the pane and drag it there.

colorful horizontal panes

Support for Live Grow: When you drag the grow box in the bottom right corner of any window, the text now updates as the window is being resized. This makes it easier to judge how you want the window sized.

A Sampler of the Other Goodies
See the blog Accordance 8: It's the Little Things

Support for Arabic: Accordance 8 now supports Arabic Bibles and Arabic text within tools.

Unicode Import: Accordance 8 now seamlessly imports Unicode Greek, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic, and transliterated text. Copy some Greek text out of a web page and paste it into an Accordance search field. Import html documents with Unicode Greek and Hebrew into your own Accordance user tools!

Search All: The window displays the ongoing results while it works.

Easier Navigation: A pop-up menu lets you select a book name for the GoTo box.

Exact References: Adding a equal sign finds just the verse you want in a tool.

Multiple Notes: A red triangle tells you that there is more than one note on this verse and lets you select from a menu.

Copy as Lemma: This option copies the lexical forms of a word or phrase in a tagged text, or the original words behind a Key number text.

Save that Picture: You choose how to save an image: PICT, JPEG, or PNG file.

Fly Free: Use keyboard commands to move the 3D Map.

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