New In 6

New Features in Version 6

Accordance underwent the first-ever complete redesign of its interface for version 6, offering a streamlined OS X appearance. Accordance 6 is easier than ever to use, and adds even more features to enhance your study of the Bible.

The Search window is reorganized:

Search window
Resource palette

  • Some pop-up menus are placed in an optional area, with improved prompts. Most simple searches can be performed without opening this area.

Options area

  • The buttons for Add pane are now easily accessible on the window.
  • There are new buttons to close each pane.
  • The Details button give easy access to all analyses of the search results.
  • The text pop-up menus display a "text tip" with the module name when the cursor lingers over the abbreviation.

The Resource palette replaces both the New Window and Amplify palettes:

  • The buttons are organized into sections with disclosure triangles, and new icons.
  • The action of the buttons is contextual, as indicated by the cursor:

    When there is no text selection in a pane, the buttons and pop-up menus open a new window with the selected text or tool.
    If there is a selection in a text pane, the cursor is a magnifying glass and amplifies to the selected item. Pressing the command key overrides the selection and opens a new window.

The Workspace organizes windows with tabs: multiple windows clutter is greatly reduced, but you can detach and merge independent windows.


Details workspace for the results windows:


  • A single click opens this window with your choice of Graph, Analysis, Concordance, and Table.
  • Click to add more tabs of any kind.
  • The Graph displays a legend below the plot.

Improved User Tools:

  • You can now import HTML text files with support for text styles and headers.
  • Scripture references in imported HTML files are automatically hyperlinked.
  • A Find and Replace window assists text editing.
  • Hierarchical titles and subtitles can be created for the browser.
  • Right and center justify are supported.


  • More underline and strike-through shapes can be defined.
  • Overlapping styles are now supported.

New Search Commands:

  • RANGE lets the user define a temporary range and combine it with other search criteria.
    For example: [RANGE Gen 1-3] <AND> man finds "man" in Gen 1-3.
  • COUNT lets the user define a word list based on the number of times the word (or key number, inflected form, or tag) occur in the text.
    For example: [COUNT 1-2] finds all the words that occur only once or twice


  • The menus have been reorganized and streamlined with more keyboard shortcuts.
  • Font size buttons are added to the Parsing, Analysis, Table, and Concordance windows.
  • Alert messages now give instructions for how to correct a mistake, or offer to correct it for you.
  • Live scrolling of text panes and many other upgrades.

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