New Since 9

New Features Since 9.0


  • Updated the Bibliography database
Bug fixes
  • Fixed incorrect key text linking
  • Fixed occasional crash during network transfer
  • Fixed user notes merging


Bug fixes
  • Fixed inability to search for Amos 9
  • Fixed crash running a mixed lemma search
  • Fixed occasional crash comparing tags


Further bug fixes including:

  • Installing of modules from installers in the emulator
  • Blank pictures and 3D maps
  • Many bug fixes to the diagram
  • Error -50 when writing to files
  • Jumping of text during User Notes edit


Miscellaneous bug fixes including:

  • User Bible import verse alignment (Bibles should be reimported)
  • Significant improvements to syntax searching and tree display
  • Picture crash on 10.7 Lion


A number of bug fixes plus these enhancements:

  • Highlight files are automatically verified and repaired.
  • Improved word boundary selection for Unicode texts.
  • Re-enabled user note repair.
  • Syntax tree panes in horizontal orientation can be scrolled by horizontal mousewheel.

9.6 See this page for details

  1. Improved Installation and Updates of the App
  2. User Notes enhanced
  3. Searching and importing of Unicode Bibles
  4. Use of Apple Unicode keyboard for text entry
  5. Significant enhancements to the Diagram window


Restores the links for the older NIV-G/K, and prevents a crash on opening Context with a User Note pane in the tab.


Links all the Key number texts to the correct entry in the related dictionary (which broke in 9.5.5).


Corrects the minimize for a magnified zone, the search for Hebrew pronouns, and many minor bugs. Supplies the correct links between the NIV11-GK and its related tool modules.


Corrects the paging bug in the Tool tab, and many minor bugs.


More obscure bug fixes plus these enhancements:

  • Paging: Press the space bar to page down, and shift-space to page up, in Search, Tool, or Text tabs. This only works when the cursor is not in an entry box (i.e. after clicking in the text pane).
  • Report a Correction: select the text you want to report and choose Report a Correction from the right-click menu or the Help menu. This creates an email with your selection and a place to add you comments as to the perceived error.
  • Fonts: Added font sizes 13 and 27 (this will slightly reduce the current font settings from 14 and up). Added Preference: Appearance to display ligatures.
  • Syntax markers: Searches for the NULL, BEGIN SPEECH, and ANTECEDENT tags now display the results as a marker in the correct location instead of highlighting the following word.
  • Improved 'Hide Superscripts' in text display so that it does not leave extra spaces. (For copy and paste you must still select Copy as No Superscript)
  • Added ability to LINK to a KEY search, even if the languages are different, such as ESVS to GNT-TRS.
  • Improved OR searching in the Search All when only one of the words is present in the tool.


These enhancements plus more bug fixes:

  • Option to display the Gloss of each word in the Dynamic Interlinear of a tagged text. This is especially helpful for texts with no Key number translation such as the LXX and extra-Biblical texts.
  • Library window option of directly creating a new user group containing the selected module.
  • Preferences for mouseover highlighting can be set separately, whether to highlight the word under the cursor and/or the words in parallel panes of tagged or Key number texts.


Several bug fixes plus these enhancements:

  • Supports the [LINK] command to a Verse search in a Search tab, from a Search or Tool tab or the Search All.
  • Gloss and Syntax are now displayed for Key number text Instant Details, if the original language tagged text is present.
  • Interlinear mode autmatically disables 'Above Verse' reference display and Poetry display in the text.

9.5 See this page for details

  1. Dynamic Interlinear
  2. Smart Amplifying from Analysis
  3. Enhanced Key Numbers
  4. Enhanced Cross-Highlighting
  5. Copy and Link from Search All Window


Fixed Copy As Picture to properly get the entire picture.
Syntax: added the following features in the Clause dialog:

  • Search the syntax of independent clauses that are embedded inside of a phrase, such as in embedded speech.
  • Specify Subject or Appositive clauses in addition to Complement and Adjuct clauses.
  • Specify Casus Pendens clauses in addition to the other types of clauses.
  • Specify finding the first occurence of the Clause (or Phrase), which enables specifying repeats of the same clause.

Improved the accuracy of the display of the Syntax tree.
Added support for additional spanish footnote modules.


Allows synching of Unicode Bibles to the iOS App.
Widget update now supports Unicode Bibles.
Supports pasting of Unicode Hebrew phrases.
Improves the Easy Install download and installation routines.
Increases the speed of some functions such as opening a new Map tab, and Check for Updates.
Corrects speech issues in Lion (new Lion voices still cannot read Greek and Hebrew).
Improves the display of variant Greek tags.
Fixes numerous minor bugs.

9.4 See this page for details

  1. Sync Highlights and User Tools with Accordance for iOS 1.3
  2. Enhanced Library Search
  3. Footnote Support for Instant Details
  4. FontBar replaces Text Palette
  5. Add Note Buttons
  6. Enhanced Greek and Hebrew Transliteration in Instant Details and other windows.


Select or deselect all items in Easy Install list by shift-click on a checkbox
Added the name of the text or tool when displayed in Instant Details
Shortcut to open Assistant window is Command-Option-9
Improved Copy as Citation.


Ranking of Search All results by Importance also depends on the field
Various Syntax improvements

9.3 See this page for details

  1. Assistant Window with Daily Readings and easy searches
  2. Sync Accordance for Mac and iOS over WiFi
  3. New Help System
  4. Improved Search All Sorting
  5. Asian Language Support
  6. Compare Multiple Texts
  7. Live Updating to Library Window



  1. Zones have a Magnify Zone button and menu item which fills the workspace with their content. The zone is fully functional, enhancing the use of zones on smaller monitors. Clicking the minus button returns the zone to its original size.
  2. Prior and Next buttons in the top right of the Picture window let you directly browse through the images in the module. This feature works in the magnified zone as well as in the usual picture tab.


  1. Check for Updates and Easy Install are now a single, two-sided dialog with improved appearance and functionality. The lists of modules also load much more quickly.
  2. All online downloads have significantly improved stability and support file resume. If the user cancels a download or it times out, the download will resume on the next attempt, rather than starting over.


  1. Syntax searches with CLAUSE or PHRASE must now be done in Chapter or Book field, rather than Verse.  This change improves the accuracy of search results.
  2. The Syntax pane now displays the verse reference at the start of each verse.
  3. To find consecutive Null tags specify the number in the dialog box of a single Null element. Adjacent Null elements are not allowed.
  4. The accuracy of Syntax searching was improved.

Other Changes

  1. When amplifying to a Reference Tool from a text, the scrolling of the tabs is automatically tied.
  2. The diagram correctly displays Coptic or Uncial according to the source text.
  3. Word highlighting originally applied to the old GNT or HMT-T will now appear in the GNT-T or BHS-W4


Improved the listing of the open workspaces and zones in the Window menu.


  1. Added a new default Search All group of Graphics Tools. This includes a predefined set of tools that are rich in images.
  2. The Syntax pane can be copied as an image, and saved as an image file.
  3. Instant Tool Look-up from Key number texts is now further modified when the option key is pressed. When used with the command key the Instant Details displays the top English dictionary. When used with triple-click it amplifies to the top English dictionary.
  4. Detach Zone in the (Tabs & Zones section of the Window menu) or Option-command-Z detaches the front zone.


  1. Menu behavior for button menus (Resource palette and Add Pane buttons): In version 9 the default behavior changed to "sticky menus." This means that a single click opens the menu and a further click or a drag and release is needed to select any item from the menu. The change was intended to help new users find all the items on the menu. Former users may prefer the previous behavior for these menus, where a single click opens the first (or the last opened) resource on the menu, and a click-and-hold is required to open the menu in order to select a different item. A new option: Suppress "sticky menu" in buttons in the Appearance pane of the Preferences lets you select that former behavior.
  2. The Syntax Construct interface underwent simplification and modification.
    The name of the previous Syntax window was changed to Word Chart to avoid confusion with the new Syntax database feature.
  3. The default Search all group [My Bibles] was changed to [My Texts] in the pop-up menus for the Search All.
  4. A My Groups menu item was added to all relevant contextual (right-click) menus. The submenu lists all the User Groups of modules, and each one opens a further submenu to enable the user to amplify to any module in any User Group.
  5. The Favorites item in the contextual menus was changed to My Workspaces.
  6. Option-command-[ or ] cycles between zones, available in File menu.
  7. Version 9.0.5 now supports the location of the files in /user/Library/Application Support/Accordance/ as well as in /Library/Application Support/Accordance/. The installer will offer that option on a new install of Accordance 9. You can move your folder named Accordance from one Application Support location to the other.

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