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Book cover: New Testament: An Expanded Translation (Wuest)

New Testament: An Expanded Translation (Wuest)

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Requires Accordance 10.4 or above.

Unlike other versions of the New Testament, this translation uses as many English words as are necessary to bring out the richness, force, and clarity of the Greek Text. Intended as a companion to, or commentary on, the standard translations, Wuest’s “expanded translation” follows the Greek word order and especially reflects emphases and contrasts indicated by the original text.

This product contains two different modules:

  • Wuest-Expanded NT: Categorized as a Commentary and can be added in parallel to any Bible translation.
  • WUEST-NT: Categorized as an English Text (Requires Accordance 11.2 and the upcoming Mobile app version 2.4 in order to take advantage of the new "missing verse" feature).

The New Testament: An Expanded Translation
• Author: Kenneth S. Wuest
• Publisher: Eerdmans Publishing (1961)

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Wuest NT Bundle


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