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Book cover: New Testament Story, The (Witherington III)

New Testament Story, The (Witherington III)

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This informative, clearly written book introduces the New Testament in two main ways: (1) it explains where the New Testament came from, and (2) it examines the New Testament writings themselves.

Ben Witherington first tells how and why the New Testament documents were written and collected and how they came to be known as the New Testament that we have today. He then discusses the main stories and major figures in the New Testament. Witherington looks particularly at the Gospels, examining how and why their stories differ and pointing out what these ancient biographies actually say about Jesus. He also surveys the ways that these stories were told and retold, explaining how this literary development has influenced Christian theology, ethics, and social thought. Each chapter ends with a section called "Exercises and Questions for Reflection and Study" (written by Darlene Hyatt), making this book especially useful for Sunday school classes and group Bible studies.

The New Testament Story
• Author: Ben Witherington III
• Publisher: Wm. Eerdmans Publishers (2004)

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