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Book cover: "With the Church Fathers" Series (Hall) (4 Works)

"With the Church Fathers" Series (Hall) (4 Works)

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We can find value in ancient insights from voices that are sometimes closer chronologically to the actual events. At the same time, these voices often look at the Bible from a pre-critical point of view.

This bundle contains:

  • Worshiping with the Church Fathers - The focus of this book is not liturgy but more broadly worship in its corporate and individual dimensions. We enter into the patristic understanding of baptism and the Eucharist. And, we come under the instruction and discipline of great spiritual teachers of prayer.
  • Learning Theology with the Church Fathers - The early church fathers were great theologians--although they did not think of themselves as such. They were working pastors, involved in the daily life and leadership of their congregations. Yet they were wrestling with many of the great and formative questions of the Christian faith, such as the Trinity, the incarnation, the providence of God and the nature of the church. What would it be like to sit under the preaching and instruction of these great men, to look over their shoulders as they thought and wrote, or to hear them debate theological issues? Learning Theology with the Church Fathers offers us that experience.
  • Reading Scripture with the Church Fathers - Christopher Hall introduces us to the early church, its unique world, and the sights and sounds of Scripture that are highlighted for them. As Hall points out, the ancient fathers hear music in Scripture where we remain tone-deaf.
  • Living Wisely with the Church Fathers - Christopher Hall takes us to the ancient Mediterranean world, inquiring Christian leaders how to live a good life as a Christ follower. The menu of topics wends its way through wealth and poverty, war and violence, marriage and sexuality, theater and the arena, as well as the harsh realities of persecution and martyrdom. Gathering around Basil or Chrysostom or Augustine, we are instructed anew in the way of discipleship.

Included Modules

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Fathers-Living Wisely


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