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Book cover: How Jewish Is Christianity?: 2 Views on Messianic Movement

How Jewish Is Christianity?: 2 Views on Messianic Movement

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A lively discussion in which six authors interact with each other on whether Messianic congregations are necessary or whether Jewish believers should instead be incorporated into the Gentile church.

Diverse perspectives about the messianic movement --- from six contributors.  Are Messianic congregations necessary or should Jewish believers be incorporated into the Gentile church?

The question of how Christian Jews relate their Jewish practices and customs to the church has been an issue within Christianity since the first century. Contemporary contributors who have lived and wrestled with this issue present informed arguments and counter-arguments. The book concludes with a chapter on the future for Messianic Jews and a directory of messianic movement organizations.

Contributors include:

  • John Fischer (ThD, California Graduate School of Theology, PhD, University of South Florida) is a rabbi of Congregation Ohr Chadash and Chairman of Judaic Studies at St. Petersburg Theological Seminary.
  • Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum (ThM, PhD, New York University) has served with the Chosen People Ministries and Christian Jew Foundation in the past and is now the founder and director of Ariel Ministries.
  • Gershon Nerel (PhD, Hebrew University, Jerusalem) has served as “Israel Secretary” for the International Messianic Jewish Alliance and has also been a member of the executive committee for the Messianic Jewish Alliance of Israel.
  • David Stern (PhD, MDiv) is the translator of the Jewish New Testament from Greek to English to express its Jewishness; his version of the Tanak is the Complete Jewish Bible.
  • Will Varner (EdD, Temple University) servers as professor of biblical studies at the Master’s College, CA, and the director of the Israel Bible Extension campus of this college in Israel.

How Jewish is Christianity?: 2 Views on Messianic Movement
• Series: Counterpoints - Exploring Theology
Series Editor: Stanley N. Gundry
• General Editor: Louis Goldberg
Contributors: William Varner, Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum, David H. Stern, John Fischer, Gershon Nerel
Publisher: Zondervan (released 11/11/03)

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