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Book cover: Venite: A Book of Daily Prayer

Venite: A Book of Daily Prayer

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An ecumenical guide for the observance and practice of daily Christian prayer.

Robert Benson’s “beautifully measured prose” (Publishers Weekly) has inspired his readers to examine their faith with “words that have the ring of truth” (Frederick Buechner). As his readers will attest, he is a powerful and poetic writer in the manner of Madeleine L’Engle and Kathleen Norris. Now, with Venite, Benson compiles the ancient and traditional prayer practices of the Church, recited by priests, nuns, and monks, in a book essential to lay people who want to practice daily prayer throughout the year in their own solitude.

Like The Book of Common Prayer, Venite (an invitation to come to prayer) is a daily book of connecting to God for people of all Christian faiths. Crossing denominational lines in spirit and in practice, it is divided into seven parts: Office, Seasons, Days of Remembrance, Canticles, Psalter, Lectio, and Prayers. Based on and adapted from ancient texts, it is a book firmly rooted in the Church. At the beginning of each section, readers will discover explanatory and instructive notes to help them begin their practice. Easy-to-use and follow, it is an uplifting and enlightening book for all experienced in or new to sacred daily prayer.

Bringing readers to faith and the wonder of a life complete and whole, Venite is a means for everyone to participate in the daily Office “that is prayed by the Body of Christ Himself to sanctify the day.”

Venite: A Book of Daily Prayer
• Author: Robert Benson
• Publisher: Jeremy P. Tarcher / Putnam (2000)

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