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Book cover: Using Illustrations to Preach with Power (Revised Edition) (Chapell)

Using Illustrations to Preach with Power (Revised Edition) (Chapell)

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If the apostle Paul had not punctuated his words with images of the armor of God or the racecourse, would we so easily remember his instruction? The march on Washington might have become nothing more than a ragged hike across a majestic mall if Martin Luther King, Jr. had not led us through a “dream” and onto a “mountaintop.”

Such is the power of illustrations. They contain a hidden dynamic of living that captures our attention and furthers our understanding in a way that no other sermonic tool can match. Can they be overused and their purpose abused? Yes—and by many they are. But to eliminate them completely would be unwise, maintains Bryan Chapell.

Instead, he responds to those concerns by reviewing the theory behind illustrations, sharing why they’re important, and demonstrating how you can use them effectively in your biblical preaching. This book clearly affirms that illustrations are integral to powerful preaching—not because they entertain but because they expand and deepen applications in the lives of your listeners. They infuse your words with life without comprising the message, making the truth of the Word ring clearly in people’s hearts long after your sermon is done.

Using Illustrations to Preach with Power (Revised Edition)
• Author: Bryan Chapell
• Publisher: Crossway (2001)

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