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Book cover: Talmud Bavli Neusner Translation

Talmud Bavli Neusner Translation

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-The Babylonian Talmud: A Translation and Commentary, Translated by Jacob Neusner, Tzvee Zahavy, et al. The module includes the complete 22-volume set which lists in print for $895.

The Talmud of Babylonia (a.k.a., the Bavli, or Babylonian Talmud), is a sustained commentary on the written and oral law of Israel. Compiled between 500–600 C.E., it offers a magnificent record of how Jewish scholars preserved a humane and enduring civilization. Representing the primary document of rabbinic Judaism, it throws considerable light on the New Testament as well.

This monumental American translation was completed a decade ago—but was extraordinarily expensive and difficult to find. Featuring translations by Jacob Neusner, Tzvee Zahavy, Alan Avery-Peck, B. Barry Levy, Peter Haas, and Martin S. Jaffee, and commentary and new introductions by Jacob Neusner, all thirty-seven Talmudic tractates, published in 22 hardcover volumes, are available in this module.

Because of the complexity of the Talmud, it is set up as a Tool module rather than a Text module within Accordance. This allows the different parts of this translation to be searched in separate fields as with other Accordance tools.

For maximum flexibility and usage there are two referencing systems provided in two separate modules for this translation of the Talmud:

The reference system in the Talmud-N module follows that of the Mishnah, which was also used in the original printed text. It will scroll in parallel with the Kaufmann Hebrew Mishna (tagged) or other Mishna modules (separate unlock) when viewed in the Search window.

The T-BAV-EF module has the same contents as Talmud-N, but is divided into the standard Folio referencing used in most printed Talmuds. It will scroll in parallel with the T-BAV-F Hebrew Talmud module (separate unlock) when viewed in the Search window.

Save with the Talmud add-on combo or the Unlock All.

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September 5, 2016  |  9:58 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
While I'm no fan of the Talmud itself, it is a necessary component to any rich study of "New Testament" doctrine and practice. As such, this is a terrific resource to have on hand, and it even installs nicely onto your iOS device via the Accordance app. Highly recommend, and the price is fantastic for a complete Talmud.