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Smith's Bible Dictionary

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Smith’s Bible Dictionary contains over 4,500 entries and can be classified as a required reference book for any good study library.  Entries include major teachings of Scripture as well as important people and places of the Bible.

Written in 1884, Smith’s Bible Dictionary contained “the fruit of the ripest biblical scholarship of England.” Originally published as a four-volume set, it set a standard for richness and clarity of topics. The pictures and maps produced in the original are not included in this module.

Smith’s Bible Dictionary
• Author: William Smith
• Text of 1884 version

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October 21, 2012  |  6:16 AM   |    Good (4)
I've used the Smith's Bible Dictionary in both print and computer searchable form for years and it is a very good Bible dictionary. Purchasers should be aware that most printed versions and all computer versions to date, including this one, are abridged, with some being mere shadows of the original work. I have the 4 volume complete Smith's Bible Dictionary in my personal library and no electronic text thus far has remotely come close to it's wealth and scope.

If you're looking for a good Bible dictionary for your studies, this is the one to get. If you're serious and want something more in addition to this quick aid, then do yourself a favor and search out the 4 volume printed set. It's worth the cost and your effort to hunt one down.