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Book cover: Sketches of Jewish Life (Edersheim)

Sketches of Jewish Life (Edersheim)

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Alfred Edersheim (1825-89) was a Vienna-born biblical scholar who converted from Judaism to Christianity. A veteran minister and missionary to the Jews of Romania, Edersheim left an enduring and priceless legacy to followers of Christ.

Edersheim’s notes remain indispensable for unlocking the mysteries of the ancient world. Always sensitive to the priority of God’s Word, Edersheim takes the reader back to the Bible time and again to show the authority behind his writing. Readers know they will receive reliable primary and secondary resources in these helpful notes.

Alfred Edersheim’s classic, first published in 1876, not only fills a gaping void but does so in a clear and inviting way that will enrich the general reader’s Biblical experience. Beginning with scripture and breaking it down, Edersheim describes the geography and climate of Palestine, and explains such things as how much a laborer could expect to earn for a day's work.

Other topics include:

  • Traveling in Palestine
  • Jewish homes
  • Upbringing of Jewish children
  • Mothers, daughters, and wives in Israel
  • Jewish views on trade, tradesmen, and trades’ guilds

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Sketches of Jewish Life in the Days of Christ
• Author: Alfred Edersheim
• Originally written in 1876

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