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Book cover: Polish: Pismo Święte Starego i Nowego Przymierza 2017

Polish: Pismo Święte Starego i Nowego Przymierza 2017

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This Polish translation, published by the Evangelical Bible Institute, is the first translation of the whole Bible into the environment of Polish evangelical Christians.

The translation is based on the twenty-eighth edition of the Novum Graece of the Nestle Alanda (2012), the Dead Sea Scrolls (1955-2002), the Codex of Aleppo (2004-2011), and the Pięcioksiąg Samarytański (2015).

In this respect, the translation surpasses other Polish translation previously issued. It is characterized by the freshness and naturalness of the language, the care for the beauty of Polish language, and the thoroughness of the publishers in the field of translation of theological thought.

The included Notes module (SNP2017 Uwagi) offers almost six thousand footnotes containing concise explanations or information about possible alternative translations. It also contains a list of contemporary counterparts of biblical measures and weights.

Biblia, to jest Pismo Święte Starego i Nowego Przymierza
• Publisher: Ewangeliczny Instytut Biblijny (2017)

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