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Book cover: Studies in the Epistle of James (A. T. Robertson)

Studies in the Epistle of James (A. T. Robertson)

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A.T. (Archibald Thomas) Robertson was a notable American scholar of New Testament Greek. He received the ThM degree in 1888 from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. John A. Broadus (one of the founders and the second president of the seminary) invited him to become his teaching assistant in New Testament, and in 1890 Robertson became an associate professor at the seminary. He later married John Broadus's daughter, Ella Broadus. Upon Broadus’s death in 1895, Robertson became professor of New Testament Interpretation at the seminary, a position he held for thirty-nine years.

Robertson's books are still consulted today, particularly his Word Pictures in the New Testament and his landmark volume A Grammar of the Greek New Testament in Light of Historical Research.

Robertson enjoyed an international reputation as the premier New Testament scholar of his generation. He twice delivered the prestigious Stone Lectures at Princeton Seminary, and was a speaker in great demand at the Chautauqua, Northfield, and Winona Lake conferences.

It was a series of lectures at these conferences in 1912/1913 that became the source of this commentary on the Epistle of James.

From the Preface:
“Technical matters are placed in parentheses or in footnotes so that the reader may go on without these if he cares to do so. There is a freshness in the Greek text not possible in the English, but those who do not know Greek may still read this book with entire ease. I do not claim that these addresses are a detailed commentary on the Epistle of James. They are expository talks based, I trust, on sober, up-to-date scholarship and applied to modern life. It is the old gospel in the new age that we need and must know how to use. There is a wondrous charm in these words of the long ago from one who walked so close by the side of the Son of man, who misunderstood him at first but who came at last to rejoice in his Brother in the flesh as the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Studies in the Epistle of James
First published as Practical and Social Aspects of Christianity
• Author: A. T. Robertson
• Revisor/Editor: Heber F. Peacock
• Text of the 1959 version published by Broadman Press

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