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Book cover: Open Your Bible Commentary (2 Volumes)

Open Your Bible Commentary (2 Volumes)

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The Open Your Bible Commentary was written to encourage daily Bible study. Each reading is short, but don’t let the brevity fool you! The content is rich with careful explanation, devotional warmth, and practical relevance. It is in two books, Old Testament and New Testament, each containing nearly 1,000 daily readings.

What sets this commentary apart from others are the pastor-teachers who wrote it. The list of authors is like a Who’s Who of evangelical scholarship. Old Testament contributors include: Arthur E. Cundall, H. L. Ellison, Derek Kidner, I. Howard Marshall, David F. Payne, John B. Taylor, and J. Stafford Wright. New Testament contributors include E. M. Blaiklock, F. F. Bruce, H. L. Ellison, William L. Lane, I. Howard Marshall, Ralph P. Martin, Leon Morris, and Robin E. Nixon.

The Open Your Bible Commentary has four great strengths:

  • Accessible – it’s written for the average, thoughtful Christian without assuming a great deal of background, yet it is never superficial.
  • Digestible – it’s written so you can read a section or two a day, working your way through an entire book of the Bible in days or weeks.
  • Dependable – it’s written by an amazing group of scholars and trusted pastor-teachers.
  • Practical – it’s a rich combination of specific application and encouragement to listen to God for guidance.

The Open Your Bible Commentary reveals the context of each chapter of the Bible, draws out the truth, and applies it to your daily life, enabling you to understand and appreciate what God is saying.

Open Your Bible Commentary (2 Volumes)
• Editor: Martin Manser
• Publisher: Creative 4 International (2013)

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