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Book cover: Textual Guide to the Greek New Testament (Omanson)

Textual Guide to the Greek New Testament (Omanson)

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This edition is based on the widely known Textual Commentary on the Greek New Testament by the late Dr. Bruce M. Metzger. It was especially designed for translators who have not received formal training in textual criticism. It enables them, and other people interested in the initial text of the Greek New Testament, to discover more easily the reasons that certain variant readings in the NT are more likely to be original than others. Therefore the notes of Metzger have been simplified and expanded. Included are discussions of significant differences in divisions and punctuation where those involve differences in meaning. Technical matters are explained in non-technical language. An easy-to-read introduction provides a brief overview of textual criticism, including explanations of key terms, a history of the text, and methods that are used by scholars to arrive at their conclusions.

Textual Guide to the Greek New Testament
• Author: Roger L. Omanson
• Publisher: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft (2006)

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