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Book cover: Italian: Nuova Riveduta 2006 with Notes

Italian: Nuova Riveduta 2006 with Notes

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The Nuova Riveduta 2006 is presented as a revision of the previous 1994 edition. In addition to updating the language, the new edition includes the textual variants of the New Testament.

The Nuova Riveduta 2006 is the result of intense research work, comparing the Hebrew and Greek texts and updating language based on the Revised 1924. The latter was prepared ​​by a committee of experts coordinated by Giovanni Luzzi.

The Nuova Riveduta 2006, therefore, lies in the line of tradition of the text translated by Giovanni Diodati in Geneva in 1607, at the same time it is distinguished both for the updated language, both for the revision made ​​on the basis of those Greek and Hebrew manuscripts that were not available at the time of the King James Version itself.

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