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Book cover: NA28 Greek New Testament Apparatus

NA28 Greek New Testament Apparatus

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The fully hypertexted apparatus to the Nestle-Aland 28 Greek New Testament.


4/25/18 Update: The 2.0 update to the apparatus contains many changes (see this post). Among the material changes:

  • Merges “Notes in the Outer Margin" references (NA28 Crossrefs) into this Apparatus file (NA28 Crossrefs can be removed from your Library.)
  • Addition of Eusebius’ Letter to Carpian and textual notes to the Intro.
  • Addition of Eusebian Canon Tables I-X to the Intro.
  • Addition of “Notes in the Inner Margin” references to Eusebian Canon Tables within the Apparatus.
  • Addition of links to internal page references.

4/9/19 Apparatus Update: The 3.0 update to NA28 Apparatus adds Appendix III: Loci citati vel allegati. This represents the only digital edition available that represents the printed edition in its entirety.

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NA28 Greek New Testament Apparatus is included with the following packages:

Advanced Gr Heb Add-on
Stuttgart Scholarly add-on


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