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Kingdom of Priests (Merrill)

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From the origins and exodus to the restoration and new hope, Kingdom of Priests offers a comprehensive introduction to the history of Old Testament Israel. Merrill explores the history of ancient Israel not only from Old Testament texts but also from the literary and archeological sources of the ancient Near East. This updated and revised second edition addresses and interacts with current debates in the history of ancient Israel, offering an up-to-date articulation of a conservative evangelical position on historical matters. The text is accented with nearly twenty maps and charts.

“The second edition of Eugene Merrill's now classic Kingdom of Priests is a model of the seamless relationship of Old Testament history and theology. While technically a history of Israel, updated and refurbished by the latest biblical research, this book illustrates by its structure, style, and content that Old Testament history was written for theological purposes. But history is not the unwitting servant of theology; rather, they stand alongside one another as co-servants of the message of redemption.”--C. Hassell Bullock, Franklin S. Dyrness Professor of Biblical Studies, Wheaton College

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Kingdom of Priests: A History of Old Testament Israel (2nd Edition)
• Author: Eugene H. Merrill
• Publisher: Baker Publishing (2008)

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