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Is There a Meaning in This Text?

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Formerly available through the Zondervan Scholarly Bible Study Suite. Re-released for individual purchase.

Is there a meaning in the Bible, or is meaning rather a matter of who is reading or of how one reads? Does Christian doctrine have anything to contribute to debates about interpretation, literary theory, and post modernity? These are questions of crucial importance for contemporary biblical studies and theology alike.

Is There a Meaning in This Text? by Kevin J. Vanhoozer analyzes current debates in the field of biblical hermeneutics and proposes a method of interpretation which recognizes the importance of both the reader's situation and the literal sense.

Vanhoozer contends that the postmodern crisis in hermeneutics---”incredulity towards meaning,” a deep–set skepticism concerning the possibility of correct interpretation---is fundamentally a crisis in theology provoked by an inadequate view of God and by the announcement of God’s “death.”

Is There a Meaning in This Text? guides the student toward greater confidence in the authority, clarity, and relevance of Scripture, and a well–reasoned expectation to understand accurately the message of the Bible. Is There a Meaning in This Text? is a comprehensive and creative analysis of current debates over biblical hermeneutics that draws on interdisciplinary resources, all coordinated by Christian theology. It makes a significant contribution to biblical interpretation that will be of interest to readers in a number of fields. The intention of the book is to revitalize and enlarge the concept of author–oriented interpretation and to restore confidence that readers of the Bible can reach understanding. The result is a major challenge to the central assumptions of postmodern biblical scholarship and a constructive alternative proposal---an Augustinian hermeneutic---that reinvigorates the notion of biblical authority and finds a new exegetical practice that recognizes the importance of both the reader’s situation and the literal sense.

Is There a Meaning in This Text?
The Bible, the Reader, and the Morality of Literary Knowledge
• Author: Kevin J. Vanhoozer
• Forward: Craig L. Blomberg
• Publisher: Zondervan (1998)

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