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Book cover: A Latin Dictionary (Lewis and Short)

A Latin Dictionary (Lewis and Short)

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This is an 1879 edition of this Latin Dictionary, translated from the classic German edition, containing entries in alphabetical order, word meaning, origin, pronunciation, use, etc. One of the classic works of lexicography, this is a revised edition of E. A. Andrew's translation of Freund's Latin Dictionary of the nineteenth century.

10/16/15 Update: The update to 2.0 adds an exceptions file to point to words (lexemes) spelled differently in the text from the lexicon.

A Latin Dictionary
Founded on Andrews’ Edition of Freund’s Latin Dictionary
• Revisors: Charlton T. Lewis, Charles Short
• Publisher: Text of 1879 edition published by Oxford at the Clarendon Press

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January 17, 2019  |  3:03 PM   |    Mediocre (2)
There is a free version of this online:

You don't get all the fancy visuals like you do with Accordance, but it also is FREE. Just a heads up.