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Book cover: Lent for Everyone: A Daily Devotional (Years A-C) (Wright)

Lent for Everyone: A Daily Devotional (Years A-C) (Wright)

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Each volume provides readers with an inspirational guide through the Lenten season, from Ash Wednesday through the week after Easter. Popular biblical scholar and author N. T. Wright provides his own Scripture translation, brief reflection, and a prayer for each day of the season, helping readers ponder how the text is relevant to their own lives. By the end of the book, readers will have been through the entirety of each of the three Gospel books, along with Psalm readings for each Sunday.

Suitable for both individual and group study and reflection, Wright's Lenten devotional will help make the gospels your own, thoughtfully and prayerfully, and your journey through Lent a period of discovery and growth.

Volumes included:

  • Matthew: Year A
  • Mark: Year B
  • Luke: Year C

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Lent for Everyone: A Daily Devotional (Years A-C)
Author: N. T. Wright
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press (2009, 2011, 2012)

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