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Book cover: Situation Ethics: True or False (John Warwick Montgomery)

Situation Ethics: True or False (John Warwick Montgomery)

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Is it sometimes right to do wrong? A stimulating debate between Joseph Fletcher and John Warwick Montgomery.

Joseph Fletcher says, “Whether we ought to follow a moral principle or not would always depend upon the situation. . . . In some situations unmarried love could be infinitely more moral than married unlove. Lying could be more Christian than telling the truth. . . stealing could be better than respective private property . . .no action is good or right of itself. It depends on whether it hurts or helps people. . . .There are no normative moral principles whatsoever which are intrinsically valid or universally obliging. We may not absolutize the norms of human conduct. . . . Love is the highest good and the first-order value, the primary consideration to which in every act . . .we should be prepared to sidetrack or subordinate other value considerations of right and wrong.”

Montgomery says, “...Not a single aspect of human society, from regular garbage collection and public library book-borrowing, through friendship and marriage to equal protection under the law – could survive the general onset of situation ethics....Unfortunately, arbitrary absoutes are a most dangerous commodity, for the love of one moment can become the hate of the next.”

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