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Book cover: John Warwick Montgomery Apologetics Bundle (9 Volumes)

John Warwick Montgomery Apologetics Bundle (9 Volumes)

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John Warwick Montgomery is a noted lawyer, professor, Lutheran theologian, and prolific author.  His legal speciality is the international and comparative law of human rights and he regularly pleads religious freedom cases before the European Court of Human Rights. He is considered by many to be the foremost living apologist for biblical Christianity.

Montgomery, a philosophy major disinterested in religion, found himself forced to consider seriously the claims of Jesus Christ in the New Testament in order to preserve big intellectual integrity. After no mean struggle he acknowledged his rebellion against God and asked His forgiveness. Dr. Montgomery is the author of over one hundred scholarly journal articles and more than fifty books.

This bundle consists of the following nine (9) Apologetics volumes:

  • Christianity for the Tough Minded: A collection of 24 essays that provide wide-ranging evidence for the intellectual respectability of the Christian faith, along with critiques of Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley, Herbert Marcuse, Eric Hoffer, Franz Kafka, Hermann Hesse, and Ayn Rand.
  • Defending the Biblical Gospel (Study Guide): This series is designed to help the lay Christian confidently proclaim and defend the faith.
  • Defending the Gospel through the Centuries (Study Guide): The history of apologetics, from Paul on Mars Hill to C. S. Lewis at Oxford. Learn how Christians have defended the faith as each age has leveled attacks upon it, and how relevant the master apologists of the past are to our contemporary witness for Christ and the Bible.
  • Evidence for Faith: Twenty essays that argue for the truth of what C. S. Lewis called “mere Christianity.” The contributors – all distinguished scholars – present their evidence from a variety of disciplines, including philosophy, archaeology, biology, history, law, and cosmology.
  • Faith Founded on Fact: A provocative and controversial book intended to encourage Christians to make the case for the truthfulness of Christianity based on factual evidence.
  • How Do We Know There Is a God?: Troubling questions, with answers derived from the ultimate answer book, the Bible: What is God really like? Can we scientifically explain miracles? Isn't the story of creation really a myth? Don't all religions lead us to heaven?
  • God's Inerrant Word: The essays in this book were written as research articles for delivery at the Conference on the Inspiration and Authority of Scripture in the fall of 1973.
  • The Transcendent Holmes: The world’s foremost private consulting detective, Sherlock Holmes, focuses his prodigious talents in unraveling the mystery of conflicting claims to religious truth, and reveals the one true claimant. A masterpiece of logic and detection.
  • The Quest for Noah’s Ark: A treasury of documented accounts from ancient times to the present day of sightings of the ark and explorations of Mount Ararat.

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