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New Dictionary of Theology

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Since its publication, the New Dictionary of Theology has rapidly established itself as a standard, authoritative reference work in systematic and historical theology. More than 630 articles cover a variety of theological themes, thinkers and movements:

  • from creation to the millennium
  • from Abelard to Zwingli
  • from Third World liberation theology to South African Dutch Reformed theology

Firmly anchored in the evangelical tradition, the NDOT is nevertheless wide-ranging in its scope. Over 200 contributors, experts in their individual fields, offer both Western and international perspective. Concise and comprehensive, biblically grounded and historically informed, even-handed and free from unduly technical language, this dictionary has been praised by general readers, pastors and scholars.

New Dictionary of Theology
• Editors: Sinclair B. Ferguson, David F. Wright
• Consulting Editor: J. I. Packer
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press UK (1988)

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