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Book cover: Inscriptions (English translation)

Inscriptions (English translation)

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This module includes the English translations of a collection of Early Hebrew inscriptions.

Included in this collection are the Siloam tunnel, Lachish letters, 711 seals, and many other inscriptions. The current module includes all the major Hebrew inscriptions dating to the Iron Age (1200-586 BCE) and almost all the minor and fragmentary Hebrew inscriptions.

This text module is formatted to run in parallel with the Hebrew Inscriptions text (INSCRIP) and is included with the purchase of that module.

Also included with the purchase is a separate module containing many of the major Northwest Semitic inscriptions along with their English translations.  Future upgrades are planned to include all major Northwest Semitic inscriptions (e.g., Aramaic, Phoenician, Moabite, Ammonite, Edomite, etc.)  See also the Inscriptions Index for detailed background information on the Northwest Semitic inscriptions.

To save on the purchase of Hebrew inscriptions and translation along with Northwest Semitic inscriptions, translation, and index, see Inscriptions add-on bundle.

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Early Hebrew Texts add-on
Inscript Add-on


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