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Book cover: Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective

Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective

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Bible Doctrines (originally published as Understanding Our Doctrine) by William W. Menzies and Stanley M. Horton examines 16 major Bible doctrines substantiated with numerous Scripture references. Topics include the inspired Scriptures, one true God, deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, divine healing, salvation of man, fall of man, baptism in the Holy Ghost, and new heavens and new earth.

From the Preface:
“The book Understanding Our Doctrine, by Dr. William W. Menzies, was originally written as a unit in a training course entitled “Fundamentals for Sunday School Workers.” Dr. Menzies...gave me his kind permission to revise and enlarge his excellent book for general use. The chapters in the book [Bible Doctrines] follow the sixteen points of the Statement of Fundamental Truths, as accepted by the Assemblies of God. Our purpose, however, is not to promote Assemblies of God doctrines, but (to) bring out the biblical basis and applications of these fundamental Bible truths. Thus, this study will be helpful to those who believe the Bible, whatever their denomination or background. Christians need to know where they stand with respect to Bible doctrines.”

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Bible Doctrines: A Pentecostal Perspective
• Authors: William W. Menzies, Stanley M. Horton
• Originally published as Understanding Our Doctrine by William W. Menzies
• Revised and Expanded by Stanley M. Horton
• Publisher: Gospel Publishing House (1993)

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