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Book cover: Hebrew Word for the Day, A: Key Words from the Old Testament (Watson)

Hebrew Word for the Day, A: Key Words from the Old Testament (Watson)

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Unearth the wealth of treasures “buried” in the original language of Scripture! Watson’s 365-day devotional helps those who don’t know Hebrew achieve greater understanding of the Old Testament. Each entry includes a brief word study, a practical application for daily living, and related verses for further exploration. Includes Scripture, English, Hebrew, and Strong’s numbering indexes.

The purpose of A Hebrew Word for the Day is to share the richness of the Hebrew language words used in the Old Testament and help make them practical in the reader’s Christian living.  Simply because words matter, the words of the Bible matter most.  And in a day when words don’t seem to mean much, the need for precision in Christian doctrine and practice has never been more critical.

For each day of the year, Watson presents a brief word study and then offers an application to make that particular Hebrew word become real for practical living.  To aid reinforcement, each day’s devotion ends with Scriptures for study to apply the truth learned that day.

Accordance users will want to know that Watson strongly prefers the King James Version over modern translations.

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A Hebrew Word for the Day
Author: J. D. Watson
Publisher: AMG Publishers (2006)

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