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Handfuls on Purpose

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For over 70 years, this classic commentary has transcended denominational lines with its Bible-based truth. Handfuls on Purpose is packed with over 2,000 expository outlines that have been described as “deeply devotional.” Insightful suggestions for Bible reading, study, and seed thoughts, and thousands of ideas for sermons and devotional talks are offered. This work is treasured by preachers looking to compose thoughtful, compelling, and powerful messages. If you preach or teach, you’ll want this work in your library!

Originally published in 1947, the printed work contained 12 series.  James Smith wrote the first 10 series, but passed away before he finished the entire Bible.  Robert Lee completed exposition of the Bible by writing the last two series.  This Accordance modules contains all 12 series (encompassing 4 volumes).  Note: Because of the tremendous search capabilities of Accordance, this module does not contain Volume 5 (Index) of the printed version.


  • A classic treasured by knowledgeable preachers for over 70 years
  • Expository Bible outlines of Old and New Testament with commentary
  • Seed thoughts and illustrations
  • Great for sermon preparation, also helpful for teaching, or personal study

Handfuls on Purpose
For Christian Workers and Bible Students
• Authors: James Smith and Robert Lee
• Text of 1971 version published by William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company

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