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Book cover: Genealogies of the Bible (Plus Lists of Notable Persons) (not for Mobile)

Genealogies of the Bible (Plus Lists of Notable Persons) (not for Mobile)

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Genealogies of the Bible is a running index of genealogies of individuals as they are found throughout the Bible, along with a description and other pertinent info. The genealogies are organized by scripture reference and are also displayed in a diagram / family tree.

From the Introduction:
Genealogies are one of the major literary genres of the Bible. They answer the fundamental question: Who are the people of God? They are much more than a list of names or a “who’s-who” in the Bible. The genealogies establish a framework for understanding the biblical narratives in the broad historical, theological, and canonical contexts and reveal the big picture of God’s sovereignty and grace in salvation history. The genealogies show that the Bible was written against the backdrop of His family.

This work, Genealogies of the Bible, addresses the ancestry of biblical characters (both Jews and Gentiles) across the broad expanse of biblical history, from the time of Creation through the era of the early Christian church. It represents the culmination of a decade of systematic biblical research on all genealogies that are presented in sacred Scripture. Family lineages for major and minor figures in the Old and New Testaments are summarized in 325 concise, easy-to-follow charts. Also included are lists of notable persons (e.g., families of returning exiles, the twelve disciples, etc.), along with helpful supplementary charts about groups of people in the First and Second Temple periods (kings of Assyria, Babylon, and Persia, the house of the Maccabees, the Herodian dynasty, the high priests of Israel, etc.).

Genealogies of the Bible (Plus Lists of Notable Persons)
With Commentary and Explanatory Notes (Based on the NKJV)
• Author: Nancy S. Dawson

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