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Book cover: Letters of Paul, The (F. F. Bruce)

Letters of Paul, The (F. F. Bruce)

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This book is perhaps the most accessible introduction to the writings of St. Paul ever written in modern English. That’s because Professor Bruce does not approach his “expanded paraphrase” as a Bible translator, but as a storyteller recounting the life of Paul after his conversion and his correspondence with churches and individuals. Bruce’s historical setting of the letters and his effort to make the “course of Paul’s argument as clear as possible” will open familiar passages with new insight and understanding. The Letters of Paul “is really a treasure – it is illuminating and beautiful. The 13 letters of Paul are in approximate chronological order with a fascinating historical background for each. Originally published as a diglot with the Revised Version of 1881, this edition contains only Professor Bruce’s paraphrase so that the reader can compare it with a favorite translation.

The Letters of Paul: An Expanded Paraphrase
• Author: F. F. Bruce
• Publisher: Kingsley Books (2017)

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