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Book cover: Expositor's Bible Commentary - Revised (13 Volumes)

Expositor's Bible Commentary - Revised (13 Volumes)

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Relaunched in 2006, the fully revised EBC features 30 new contributors and more than 60% brand new content. It includes new and revised commentary by leading scholars, including D. A. Carson, Walter C. Kaiser, Andreas Köstenberger, Mark L. Strauss, and more. Solidly evangelical in viewpoint, the new EBC is substantially updated in its discussion of theological and critical issues.

The entire 13-volume set, covering the complete Old and New Testaments is now available.

  • Volume 1: Genesis through Leviticus (2008)
  • Volume 2: Numbers through Ruth (2012)
  • Volume 3: 1 Samuel through 2 Kings (2009)
  • Volume 4: 1 Chronicles through Job (2010)
  • Volume 5: Psalms (2008)
  • Volume 6: Proverbs through Isaiah (2008)
  • Volume 7: Jeremiah through Ezekiel (2010)
  • Volume 8: Daniel through Malachi (2008)
  • Volume 9: Matthew through Mark (2010)
  • Volume 10: Luke through Acts (2007)
  • Volume 11: Romans through Galatians (2008)
  • Volume 12: Ephesians through Philemon (2006)
  • Volume 13: Hebrews through Revelation (2006)

The Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Revised Edition
• Editors: Tremper Longman III, David E. Garland
• Publisher: Zondervan

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February 4, 2016  |  7:55 PM   |    Good (4)
Expositor’s Bible Commentary, Revised Edition is a very fine update of EBC, while this is overall an improvement to a fine work I do miss the volume I which was full of wonderful essays and introductions. As the name would lead you to believe you have a very good expository commentary. It is easy to understand. All greek and hebrew is transliterated, making this a good choice for anyone who might be intimidated by unfamiliar script. It has been thoroughly revised weaker areas have been replaced and the strong areas have been polished. There are sections I miss from the original, but this is a very valuable set that has a place in the library of any serious student of the Bible.