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Dead Sea Scrolls Images

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The first of the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in Qumran Cave 1 by Bedouins around the beginning of 1947, and sold to antiquities dealers. Four were acquired by Athanasius Yeshua Samuel: the larger Isaiah scroll (1QIsaiaha), the Rule of the Community (1QS), the Pesher (Commentary on) Habakkuk (1QpHab), and the Genesis Apocryphon (1Q20). While they were in his possession, Samuel allowed scholars at the American School of Oriental Research to examine and photograph the scrolls. John C. Trever was the scholar and photographer who took these first photographs of the scrolls in 1948.

These two Accordance modules contain Dr. Trever’s photographs of the scrolls at a resolution suitable for careful study. One module includes all the images arranged in manuscript order, and the other the biblical scrolls and Pesher Habakkuk in canonical order. This is the first publication of this collection in full width and including cm scales. The images have been digitally enhanced by James E. Trever for maximum usability in Qumran research.

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June 23, 2020  |  3:50 AM   |    Good (4)
There are some great free Dead Sea Scrolls resources online, but it's nice to have this set of photos in Accordance.