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Book cover: Creation and the Courts (Norman Geisler)

Creation and the Courts (Norman Geisler)

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With the explosion of the Intelligent Design movement, many Americans are once again forced to take sides in the long-standing battle between creation and evolution. Yet many feel inadequately educated on the judicial process of this battle.

In Creation and the Courts, Norman Geisler offers a behind-the-scenes look at the testimonies and arguments of the prosecution and defense of the major creation versus evolution court battles. Geisler offers a compelling look at the erosion of Christian influence in America’s public schools. Creation and the Courts encourages readers to learn from the past judicial fights and to take their rightful places in the battle. These conflicts in today’s classrooms and courtrooms must continue to be fought, and anyone willing to be a soldier must be equipped with the knowledge found in this book.

“Norman Geisler has always been a ‘trail-blazer’ for people who want to speak out about their faith, and Creation and the Courts blazes a trail into the truth of creation vs. evolution. Through his firsthand personal experience in the ‘Scopes II’ trial and his exhaustive research into other similar trials, Geisler will draw you into the world of our legal system, better preparing you to address issues of creation and evolution.”
—Josh McDowell, author and speaker

Creation and the Courts
Eighty Years of Conflict in the Classroom and the Courtroom
• Author: Norman Geisler
• Foreword: Duane T. Gish
Preface: Wayne Frair
• Publisher: Crossway (2007)

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