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Book cover: Choosing to Preach - Kenton C. Anderson

Choosing to Preach - Kenton C. Anderson

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In this forward-looking textbook, Kenton Anderson delivers a strong call to current and future ministers to indeed choose to preach biblical sermons, despite the obstacles to doing so. While preaching itself is non-negotiable, the exact form it takes can be much more flexible, allowing people to hear from God as they hear his Word preached.

Rather than presenting one model or process for preparing a sermon, Anderson explains several available options. As you discern your message from the Bible, will you begin with the text (deductive) or with the listener (inductive)? Will you focus on the idea (cognitive) or the image (affective)?

The choices you make lead to five possible sermon structures:

  • Declarative—make an argument
  • Pragmatic—solve a mystery
  • Narrative—tell a story
  • Visionary—paint a picture
  • Integrative—sing a song

5/31/13 Update: New update includes integrated access to 4 sample sermons (about 30 minutes each) from popular preachers such as Rick Warren and John MacArthur.

Choosing to Preach
A Comprehensive Introduction to Sermon Options and Structures
• Author: Kenton C. Anderson
Publisher: Zondervan (released 8/15/06)

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