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Book cover: Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation, Traditional and Simplified

Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation, Traditional and Simplified

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Chinese Union Version with New Punctuation ©1988, 1989, 1996 United Bible Societies
Copyright Agent: Hong Kong Bible Society. Two modules in Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese (Traditional Chinese is the Shangti edition, and Simplified Chinese is the Shen edition).

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March 2, 2012  | 10:47 PM   |    Good (4)
A surprising feature of this module is that it preserve the "dotted" words of the translation in green colour, that is those words added by translators for better understanding. Even some printed edition won't do this. Although in some cases these "dot" are missing even some words are added by a translator, but it's still better to see them there.

One possible improvement is that there is a space after certain kinds of punctuation, we have to delete it one by one after copy and paste. Obviously it is used as line feed. Hope that Accordance would improve the word wrap ability for double byte languages and would remove these spaces in the future. (Or provide a "copy without space" feature for this kind of translation.)
November 11, 2011  |  4:12 AM   |    Good (4)
This Bible version has been the hallmark of the church for Chinese readers. Though parts of the language are not as commonly used in today's Chinese language, the citation and memorisation of the text is still prevalent. A great tool in parallel with the Greek texts.

It can be even better if the search function can include that of the Chinese words and even tagged with the greek words.