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Coptic New Testaments

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This product includes separate modules for each of the following Coptic texts:

  • The Coptic Sahidica New Testament in Standardized Form (CSNT) (Sahidica 2.01 version)
  • The Coptic Bohairic New Testament in Standardized Form (CBNT) (Bohairica 1.2 version)
  • The "Egyptian Greek New Testament" (EGNT) (Egyptian Greek NT 1.00 version) - The Egyptian Greek New Testament is a reconstruction of the Greek text underlying the Coptic for easier comparison directly with the various GNT editions and MSS available with Accordance.

These editions were collated and edited by J. Warren Wells, and are not morphologically tagged.

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August 9, 2017  |  6:03 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
What is here is good but the need to make it of genuine value is
1. Tagged
2. A Lexicon
When these are completed and added it will bring this into the real world.
I'm grateful for what has been provided so far, but Scholarly need is still great.