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Book cover: Collection of 3 Preaching Works by Walter Brueggemann

Collection of 3 Preaching Works by Walter Brueggemann

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This product consists of three (3) Preaching Works by Walter Brueggemann:

  • The Word Militant: Preaching a Decentering Word: Against the easy assurance of a too-enculturated religion, Walter Brueggemann refocuses the preaching task around the decentering, destabilizing, always risky Word that confronts us in Scripture – if we have the courage to hear. These powerful essays, previously available only in journals, are here combined with a newly composed preface and introduction.
  • The Practice of Prophetic Imagination: Preaching an Emancipated Word: Brueggemann declares that the necessary character of truly prophetic preaching today is “a contestation between narratives.” If the dominant narrative of our time promotes national self-sufficiency (through militarism) and personal self-sufficiency (through consumerism), it must be opposed by a different narrative.
  • The Threat of Life: Sermons on Pain, Power, and Weakness: Included in these Brueggemann sermons are keen observations about the timeless issues of human life, both personal and social: the pain we face, often inflicted on each other; the use and abuse of power; the weakness and fragility of life; the redemptive power of faith; and much more.

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