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Book cover: General Introduction to the Bible (Ewert)

General Introduction to the Bible (Ewert)

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There are two strands woven together in the history of the Bible and its translations. One is the development of the biblical text: its materials, texts, and translations. The second is the story of the men and women who went to great extremes, at times risking death, in order to provide their generation with the Word of God in a language that could be understood. David Ewert skillfully combines both these elements in this informative and captivating book, beginning with what ‘Bible’ means, how the Bible is organized, and how various books were named. He explores such other matters as the development of the biblical languages, the canon and the history of the testaments, and early versions of the Bible. English translations, from the time of Wycliffe to the present, are the focus of several chapters.

A General Introduction to the Bible
From Ancient Tablets to Modern Translations
• Author: David Ewert
Publisher: Zondervan (released 8/14/90)

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