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Book cover: Reformed Dogmatics: Abridged in One Volume (Bavinck)

Reformed Dogmatics: Abridged in One Volume (Bavinck)

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Herman Bavinck’s four-volume Reformed Dogmatics is one of the most important theological works of the twentieth century. The recently completed English translation has received wide acclaim. Now John Bolt, one of the worlds leading experts on Bavinck and editor of Bavinck’s four-volume set, has abridged the work in one volume, offering students, pastors, and lay readers an accessible summary of Bavinck’s masterwork. This volume presents the core of Bavinck’s thought and offers explanatory material, making available to a wider audience some of the finest Dutch Reformed theology ever written.

“After bringing Bavinck’s magisterial Reformed Dogmatics to an English-speaking audience, John Bolt has crowned the effort with this abridgment that will surely make the work accessible to a wider audience. This volume is a gift and a treasure.” – Michael Horton, Westminster Seminary California

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Reformed Dogmatics: Abridged in One Volume
• Author: Herman Bavinck
• Editor: John Bolt
• Publisher: Baker Publishing (2011)

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