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Book cover: Polish: Biblia Tysiąclecia 2014 (Uwagi, Slownik)

Polish: Biblia Tysiąclecia 2014 (Uwagi, Slownik)

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Today the official and most popular Bible in Poland is the Millennium Bible (Biblia Tysiąclecia) first published in 1965 for the millennium of the 966 C.E. baptism of Poland, which approximates the beginnings of Poland's statehood. The Biblia Tysiąclecia is the first Catholic translation of the whole Bible from the original languages into Polish, and the first translation of the Bible into Polish since the Renaissance.

This product also includes Notes (BT2014 Uwagi) and a Dictionary (BT2014 Slownik)

Biblia Tysiąclecia (5th Edition): Pismo Święte Starego i Nowego Testamentu
• Publisher: Wydawnictwo Pallottinum (2014)

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May 23, 2018  |  5:25 PM   |    Fantastic (5)
The text of the fifth edition.
May 10, 2018  |  8:45 AM   |    Okay (3)
There are 5 different editions of Biblia Tysiąclecia. What version is it? I can't see any information.