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Book cover: Ancient Christian Devotional (3 Volumes)

Ancient Christian Devotional (3 Volumes)

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“To search the sacred Scripture is very good and most profitable for the soul. For, ‘like a tree which is planted near the running waters,’ so does the soul watered by sacred Scripture also grow hearty and bear fruit in due season,” writes John of Damascus in Orthodox Faith (4.17).

By helping you to read holy writings with ancient eyes, the church fathers offer you a deep drink from the only water that can give true life. These three guides to prayer and reflection combine excerpts from the writings of the church fathers as found in the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture with a simple structure for daily or weekly reading and prayer.

There are fifty-two weeks of readings in each volume, following the weekly lectionary cycles A, B or C. You can read through them in order or by thematic interest. Each day you will also find a simple opening and closing prayer drawn from the prayers and hymns of the ancient church.

Come and find the deep nourishment God offers through the insights of this “cloud of witnesses”--the ancient church fathers.

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Ancient Christian Devotional Set (3 Volumes)
• Series Editor: Thomas C. Oden
• Edited By: Cindy Crosby
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press (2007)

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February 16, 2015  |  2:54 PM   |    Good (4)
Please note this devotional series contains 1 devotion for each week and is not a daily devotional. With that out of the way it provides a devotion for each week that is drawn from the fathers and is an excellent resource to help you draw from the church past into your devotional life here and now. And while providing ply one devotional section per week, the quality of the passages could easily have you ruminating over the readings for the week. While not exactly what I was expecting, this is definitely well worth having, if you wish to add ancient wisdom to your devotional life.