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Christianity and Ethics

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Written to serve as an introduction for students into the subject of Christian Ethics, Christianity and Ethics presents a brief but comprehensive view of the Christian conception of the moral life.  Alexander’s work was one volume in a series of different themes and his intent with the introductory handbook was to present principles rather than details. 

From the Introduction of Christianity and Ethics:
“The present volume will be divided into four main parts, entitled, Postulates, Personality, Character and Conduct. The first will deal with the meaning of Ethics generally and its relation to cognate subjects; and specially with the Philosophical, Psychological and Theological presuppositions of Christian Ethics. The second part will be devoted to man as moral subject, and will analyse the capacities of the soul which respond to the calls and claims of the new Life. The third Section will involve a consideration of the formative Principles of Character, the moulding of the soul, the Ideals, Motives and Forces by means of which the ‘New Man’ is ‘recreated’ and fashioned. Finally, under Conduct, the Virtues, Duties and Rights of man will be discussed; and the various spheres of service and institutions of society examined in relation to which the moral life in its individual and social aspects is manifested and developed.”

Christianity and Ethics: A Handbook of Christian Ethics
• Arthor: Archibald B. D. Alexander
Text of 1914 version published by Duckworth & Co., London

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