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Book cover: Commentary on Acts of the Apostles (J.W. McGarvey)

Commentary on Acts of the Apostles (J.W. McGarvey)

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J.W. McGarvey published his Commentary on Acts in 1863, in the midst of the Civil War. Upon release, it received very favorable reviews. Contemporary Moses Lard wrote, “To say that the work is creditable to its patient and laborious author, would be a poor compliment indeed. It is a high honor to him. Throughout it bears most obvious traces of fine ability, clear, calm, close thought, and unremitting application.”

While McGarvey did write a revision of his commentary in 1892 (judging it an improved edition since he felt he was more fitted to the task) his original commentary remains more popular and, in many ways, still unsurpassed.

McGarvey takes a narrative style so that it may be read through consecutively. This style is especially effective in making the history come alive as one reads the volume as a flowing story. He does not go verse by-verse disjointedly but integrates the text of Scripture into his flow of commentary. This is accomplished even as McGarvey stops from time to time to elaborate on issues and questions of his day (and which continue to be issues and questions in our day).

You may also be interested in The Fourfold Gospel (A Harmony of the Gospels) by McGarvey and Philip Y. Pendleton.

A Commentary on Acts of Apostles with a Revised Version of the Text (Seventh Edition)
• Author: J. W. McGarvey
Text of 1872 version published by Transylvania Printing and Publishing Co., Lexington, KY

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