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Book cover: Christian Apologists (Greek and English)

Christian Apologists (Greek and English)

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Category: Greek Non-Biblical Texts, Translations of Grk Texts

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Irenaeus, Justin Martyr, Athenagoras, and Theophylus of Antioch: in morphologically tagged Greek with English translation and notes (Scripture cross references), based on Migne: Patrologiae Graecae.


  • Irenaeus - Against Heresies Books 1-5 (Books 2-5 are largely fragmentary in Greek)
  • Justin Martyr - Apology of Justin and Dialogue with Trypho the Jew
  • Athenagoras - Plea for Christians and On the Resurrection
  • Theophilus of Antioch - To Autolycus (Books 1-3)

Formatted to run in parallel with the English translation which is included with the purchase of this module.

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September 7, 2013  |  2:54 PM   |    Not Recommended (1)
CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!! (Buyer beware!)

Just so that everyone is aware of what they are buying: there are very large sections missing from these texts. I am hoping, with no small irritation, that the reason is that some of the fragments (e.g. parts of Irenaeus) exist only in an old latin version.....So, hey, why bother with that it's only, only, and I do mean only, a GREEK module.

Just be aware that if you are actually working from these texts, and, say, reading them for class, then you will need to supplement it with the ANF or Ancient Christian Writers text in order to actually make sense of the text

e.g. Irenaeus, Against Her, bk 3, ch 18 only has two small paragraphs that are bracketed by ellipses; but most translations actually include passages 1-7 in toto.....definitely not as helpful as I was hoping - and good luck if you are wanting much latin help from accordance (hope that is remedied soon!).....spend your money on a better module