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Book cover: ACT: Commentary on Isaiah (Eusebius of Caesarea)

ACT: Commentary on Isaiah (Eusebius of Caesarea)

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Eusebius of Caesarea (ca. 260--ca. 340), one of the early church’s great polymaths, produced significant works as a historian (Ecclesiastical History), geographer (Onomasticon), philologist, exegete (commentaries on the Psalms and Isaiah), apologist (Preparation for and Demonstration of the Gospel) and theologian. His Commentary on Isaiah is one of his major exegetical works and the earliest extant Christian commentary on the great prophet. Geographically situated between Alexandria and Antioch, Eusebius approached the text giving notable attention to historical detail and possible allegorical interpretation. But above all, employing the anologia fidei, he drew his readers? attention to other passages of Scripture that share a common vocabulary and theological themes, thus allowing Scripture to interpret Scripture.

Here, for the first time in English, Jonathan Armstrong provides readers with a highly serviceable translation of Eusebius’s notably difficult Greek text, along with a helpful introduction and notes.

About This Series:
Ancient Christian Texts is a series of new translations of full-length commentaries and sermons based on biblical books or extended scriptural passages by early church leaders like Ambrosiaster, Origen, Cyril of Alexandria and many others, most of which are presented in English for the first time. With today's best scholarship, the Ancient Christian Texts provides you with the resources you need to study for yourself the key writings of the early church in a way never before possible.

Discover for yourself the wisdom of the ancients.

Commentaries on Isaiah
• Authors: Eusebius of Caesarea
• Editor: Joel C. Elowsky
• Series: Ancient Christian Texts
• Series Editor: Thomas C. Oden, Gerald L. Bray
• Publisher: InterVarsity Press (2013)

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