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Book cover: 1001 Illustrations that Connect

1001 Illustrations that Connect

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Every preacher, teacher, or writer knows the value of a good illustration in helping connect the truth of the passage with the congregation or class---and how hard it is to come up with good illustrations week after week.

This book contains the cream of the crop: 1001 illustrations carefully selected from among thousands on Christianity Today International’s popular website These illustrations are proven, memorable, and illuminating. As the saying goes, they will preach!

Of course the best illustrations are no good if you can’t find the right one. These illustrations have been arranged according to twelve master topics, each divided into several subtopics. Further, they’ve been indexed according both to Bible references and to 500 keywords.

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1001 Illustrations that Connect
Compelling Stories, Stats, and News Items for Preaching, Teaching, and Writing

• General Editors: Craig Brian Larson, Phyllis Ten Elshof
Publisher: Zondervan (released 9/2/08)

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November 10, 2011  | 12:59 PM   |    Okay (3)
At first I gave this module two stars because the content appeared to be lite and unoriginal. Now, having used the module more frequently, I have found that the illustrations are useful in a pinch and offer some help when time is not on my side. I give this module three stars, only hesitantly below four because of the price.