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Oct 20, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

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Keep the Light Alive

October is Clergy Appreciation Month! Accordance wants to express our appreciation for all the Pastors, Priests, Preachers, and Rabbis, along with any and all who participate in the work of the ministry. For the next two weeks, use the coupon code 25-All to take 25% OFF your entire order of any of the wide range of resources and tools offered in Accordance Bible Software! Help keep the light alive by equipping someone in your life with the gift of Accordance.

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Oct 19, 2020 Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

Using Accordance to Write Your Own Systematic Theology (or Just Keep Good Notes), Pt. 2

In part 1 I linked to some theology resources in Accordance, shared some definitions of theology and systematic theology, and proposed a working list of categories we can use to organize our own systematic theology using Accordance.

This second and concluding post discusses moving from the Bible to theology, as well as the actual user-created tools you can use in Accordance to store your research and insights.

IV. Amplify and Research: Moving from Bible to Theology

Two broad divisions of modules in Accordance are Texts and Tools. “Texts” are any primary texts available in Accordance: Bible translations, original language Bibles, pseudepigrapha, Josephus, and much more. “Tools” are secondary resources that help users better understand primary texts. Tools can include anything from commentaries to theologies to devotional books.

Accordance’s Amplify function seamlessly moves a user from Text to Tool. To “amplify” in Accordance is to search a string of text (found in, say, a Bible) in a tool (say, a systematic theology).

If I am studying “salvation” in the Psalms…


… I can quickly look the word “salvation” up in any given theological tool by Amplifying. Accordance often offers multiple ways to execute the same task; one easy way to Amplify is to select a given word (or words) in your text at hand, then open and search your Library for the resource you want to Amplify to, then click the Amplify button to the right of the resource title. Amplifying from “salvation” in the NRSV to Aquinas yields this Workspace:


What if I want to see what all my theological resources have to say about a given word in the biblical text? For that I can right-click “salvation,” select “Research,” and pick my “Theological” category from my library.

Research - Theological

In this way I can see not just how the Psalms use the word “salvation,” but how all of my theological resources in Accordance talk about salvation.

Both the Amplify and Research features make it easy to move back and forth between primary texts (Bible) and secondary resources (theological tools, dictionaries, lexicons, and more).

V. User-Created Tools and (Your) Theology

The Psalms have a lot to say about salvation. So do my theological resources! Where can you put all the verses and comments I’m finding?

Accordance offers a host of user-created features and modules where you can paste verses, quotations, and even record your own insights.

Here are four options that you may find useful in writing (or keeping good notes on) you own theology.

A. Text Highlights

While not a repository of notes as such, you could create a Highlight File called “Theology” and assign a given theological category its own Style. Every time you come across a verse about salvation, then, you could highlight the verse (or relevant words) with your “Soteriology” highlight Style.

Systematic Theology Highlight


Define Systematic Theology Highlight

Did you know you can search your highlights, then, by Style? In that way you could quickly pull up all of your “Soteriology” highlights with a simple search.

Style Soteriology

You can watch this recorded Webinar for more about using Highlights in Accordance.

B. Stacks

Stacks are probably the quickest way to capture verses, quotations, and your own comments. Once you’ve created a Stack (whether a “Systematic Theology” Stack or individual Stacks for specific categories of theology), you can add anything to it by selecting text from a Text or Tool and right-clicking. The contextual menu (a little less than halfway down) gives you the option to add that selection to your text.

Stacks also allow the creation of user items.

Theology Stacks

Stacks are an excellent place to store notes, but they are not searchable. Learn more about Stacks here.

C. User Notes

User Notes allow you to tie notes to any specific Bible verse. They open and scroll in parallel with Bible texts, and you can open and search them on their own. Verse-by-verse is a different organizational scheme than a topical outline of theological categories, of course, but a good workaround is to “tag” a given User Note with a keyword. User Notes do not at present support tags as such, but placing a unique character before a keyword will have the same effect. In my User Notes for John 3:16, for example, I might place “#soteriology” somewhere in the note. Then when I open that User Notes file on its own to search it, I can search “#soteriology” to find all the times I have “tagged” a biblical verse with that keyword, i.e., theological category.

The Help files have great documentation on User Notes (Mac/Windows).

D. User Tool

The User Tool may be the most flexible and best suited option Accordance offers for users wishing to collect notes on and build their own systematic theology.

In part 1 of this two-part series, I proposed theological categories:

  • “Theology Proper”: doctrine of God
  • Bibliology: Scripture
  • Anthropology: humanity
  • Hamartiology: the fall and sin
  • Soteriology: redemption/salvation
  • Christology: Jesus
  • Pneumatology: Holy Spirit
  • Ecclesiology: the Church
  • Ethics: What to do about it
  • Eschatology: end times

Each of these could be its own heading in your User Tool. Then under each heading you can copy and paste relevant Bible verses and quotations from your theological resources, even adding your own summaries and notes.

A User Tool is not tied to the biblical text, so you completely control the organization. You could even add sub-categories to the above categories and outline with as much level of detail as you desire. After minimal setup, your User Tool could look something like this:

Theology User Tool

User Tools are searchable, both one at a time, and as part of a larger Research search you can run on all Tools in your Accordance library.

The Help files have thorough documentation on creating User Tools, too (Mac/Windows).

You may not plan to write your own full-bodied systematic theology, but using just a handful of resources and features in Accordance, you can keep good track of your theological insights all in one place.



Oct 18, 2020 Richard Mansfield

Free Accordance Webinars for October 18-22, 2020

Webinar (new graphic) Have you discovered our free interactive Accordance Webinars? Throughout the week you can participate in live Accordance training in hour-long sessions that cover just the content you need.

Here are the free Accordance webinars for the week of October 18-22, 2020. Click on the Register Now button to sign up for any webinar!.

Introduction to Accordance Graphics

Welcome to our webinar on using Graphics in Accordance! We will cover the Accordance Atlas, Timeline, and more! Please join us as we use Accordance to help us dig into God's Word!

Taught by Ryan Mudge
Monday, October 19, 10:00 AM, KST (Sunday, October 18, 9 PM EDT)

Register Now

Basics Part Two - Searching

Perform various searches in the Bible texts using search commands and use the analytics.

Taught by Linda Perry
Monday, October 19, 2:00 PM EDT

Register Now

Simple Seminary: Combined Resources and Parallels

What are Combined Resources and Parallels and how do you use these features in Accordance? We will discuss these features and show how they can be used to help study the Bible. Please join us as we use Accordance to help us dig into God's Word!

Taught by Ryan Mudge
Wednesday, October 21, 10:00 AM KST (Tuesday, Oct 20, 9 PM EDT)

Register Now

Using the Research Tab

Learn to use the various features of the Research tab in Accordance Version 13.

Taught by Mark Allison
Thursday, October 22, 1:00 PM EDT

Register Now

Taking part in our free Accordance Webinars is easy. Check out our Webinars page for more information or to sign up. See you online!



Oct 13, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

Light the Lamp! Appreciation for Preachers and Teachers!

Light the Lamp Sale

Sale prices listed below are good through Monday, October 26, 2020 (11:59 PM EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

40Questions New Series from Kregel

New! 40 Questions Series from Kregel (8 Volumes)

The 40 Questions Series from Kregel sets out to answer common and difficult questions on a range of specific topics. Each volume provides concise and relevant answers to a series of 40 questions.

The volumes included in this bundle:

  • 40 Questions about Creation and Evolution (Keathley, Rooker)
  • 40 Questions about the Historical Jesus (Pate)
  • 40 Questions about Heaven and Hell (Gomes)
  • 40 Questions about Salvation (Barrett)
  • 40 Questions about Calvinism (Wright)
  • 40 Questions about Christians and Biblical Law (Schreiner)
  • 40 Questions about Islam (Bennett)
  • 40 Questions about Church Membership and Discipline (Kimble)

40 Questions Series (8 Volumes)
Regular Price $174
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POSB Commentary_120

Preacher's Outline and Sermon Bible: Commentary and Outlines (44 Volumes)

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible is a comprehensive resource that provides preachers and teachers with everything they need to prepare their messages. Each volume has commentary that provides important background information, thoughts for illustration, and other Scripture references. There are also discussion boxes that provide suggestions and information for deeper study. For pastors who are short on preparation time, but don’t want to cut corners on the quality of preparation, this is an excellent resource.

List Price $1,377
Regular Price $499
Sale Price $199 (Save 60%)

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Mentor NTC_120

Mentor Commentary OT / NT Bundle (22 Volumes)

There are many academic commentaries, but very few hold to as high view of Scripture as Mentor Commentaries do. This ongoing series, including volumes on both the Old and New Testaments, successfully refutes wilder departures from orthodoxy while appreciating and learning from the latest theological research.

List Price $650
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Two Horizons

Two Horizons Commentary OT / NT Bundle (21 Volumes)

Two features distinguish the Two Horizons Old Testament Commentary series: theological exegesis and theological reflection.

The Two Horizons Commentary is written primarily for students, pastors, and other Christian leaders seeking to engage in theological interpretation of Scripture.

List Price $423
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Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary (25 Volumes)

Edited by David Platt, Daniel L. Akin, and Tony Merida, this commentary series takes a Christ-centered approach to expositing each book of the Bible.

Rather than a verse-by-verse approach, the authors have crafted chapters that explain and apply key passages in their assigned Bible books. Readers will learn to see Christ in all aspects of Scripture, and they will be encouraged by the devotional nature of each exposition.

Regular Price $199
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Gospel According to the Old Testament Series (18 Volumes)

The Gospel According to the Old Testament series illuminates the good news of our Savior in the Old Testament books. Here you will find thoughtful, Christ-focused theology at an accessible level. This series aims to show, as Christ himself declared, that “all the Scriptures” speak of our Lord’s suffering and glorification.

Regular Price $199
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Perspectives Series from Holman (14 Volumes)

The multi-volume Perspectives series brings together leading scholars to debate some of the most challenging issues in biblical studies, theology, and pastoral ministry.

Each volume of this series presents a point-counterpoint exchange concerning a given topic. The general format is a chapter presented by a prominent person concerning each topic with a brief response by the other contributors.

Regular Price $199
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OT For Everyone_Gen_new_120

Old Testament for Everyone (Goldingay) (17 Volumes)

John Goldingay, an internationally respected Old Testament scholar, authors this ambitious series, treating every passage of Scripture from Genesis to Malachi, addressing the texts in such a way that even the most challenging passages are explained simply and concisely. Perfect for daily devotions, Sunday school prep, or brief visits with the Bible, the Old Testament for Everyone series is an excellent resource for the modern lay reader.

Regular Price $199
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NT For Everyone

For Everyone: The New Testament Commentary (N. T. Wright) (18 Volumes)

N.T. "Tom" Wright has undertaken a tremendous task: to provide guides to all the books of the New Testament, and to include in them his own translation of the entire text. Each short passage is followed by a highly readable discussion, with background information, useful explanations and suggestions, and thoughts as to how the text can be relevant to our lives today. A glossary is included at the end of each volume.

Regular Price $199
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NDSB Cover-sm

Barclay's New Daily Study Bible: New Testament

For almost fifty years and for millions of readers, the Daily Study Bible commentaries have been the ideal help for both devotional and serious Bible study. Now, with the release of the New Daily Study Bible, a new generation will appreciate the wisdom of William Barclay. With clarification of less familiar illustrations and inclusion of more contemporary language, the New Daily Study Bible will continue to help individuals and groups discover what the message of the New Testament really means for their lives.

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Only $49.90 Each!

Golden Nuggets_120

Golden Nuggets: Sermon Outlines

This series contains hundreds of relevant sermon outlines per volume which are designed to be aids to assist pastors, lay leaders, and students of the Bible in creating fully developed sermons through study and prayer.

Regular Price $199
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BTG-Whenever You Pray_120

Bible Teacher's Guide Series (21 Volumes)

The Bible Teacher's Guide is a series that includes both expositional book studies (12 volumes) and topical studies (9 volumes). These guides will be useful for individual study, small groups and for teachers preparing to share God’s Word.

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Christian's Pocket Guide Bundle (11 Volumes)

This bundle contains 11 volumes of the Christian's Pocket Guide series from Christian Focus Publications.

Some volumes include:

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Sermon Outline Series (3 Volumes)

Baker’s Sermon Outline Series is a collection of over 1800 sermon outlines. It contains a significant amount of variety. Included are both expositional sermon outlines as well as topical. There are sermons for holidays and special occasions, as well as funerals. In fact, there are nearly 40 funeral sermons alone in this bundle.

Regular Price $119
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Handfuls on Purpose

Handfuls on Purpose

For over 70 years, this classic commentary has transcended denominational lines with its Bible-based truth. Handfuls on Purpose is packed with over 2,000 expository outlines that have been described as “deeply devotional.” Insightful suggestions for Bible reading, study, and seed thoughts, and thousands of ideas for sermons and devotional talks are offered. This work is treasured by preachers looking to compose thoughtful, compelling, and powerful messages. If you preach or teach, you’ll want this work in your library!

Regular Price $99.90
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Dake Annotated Reference Bible Modules

This package includes the Dake Annotated Reference Bible together with eight of Dake’s other works and a basic set of Bible Study tools.

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Teachers Commentary_120

The Teacher's Bible Commentary (Pascall & Hobbs)

A concise, thorough interpretation of the entire Bible designed especially for teachers.

The Teacher’s Bible Commentary has been one of the widely used reference tools for Sunday School Teachers since 1972. From the ideal stage, the commentary was designed to meet the week-to week needs of men and women who have the awesome responsibility of leading others in the study of God’s word.

Regular Price $39.90
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Willmington Guide_120

Willmington's Guide to the Bible (30th Anniversary Edition)

For more than thirty years, hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life have turned to Willmington’s Guide to the Bible to help them navigate God’s Word. In this book, Willmington provides a concise and exhaustive summary of basic Bible information in one volume. It’s a complete Bible education in one book―an essential book for everyone’s library.

Regular Price $44.90
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Contemporary Preaching_120

Handbook of Contemporary Preaching

The art of preaching is one of the most important acts of ministry. A sermon teaches. It challenges. It convicts.

The Handbook of Contemporary Preaching is exactly that—a handbook. It has been designed to be a permanent resource to be referred to time and time again. Many facets of sermon preparation and delivery are addressed here, including methods of preaching, preaching and other pastoral roles, theology of preaching, and creativity in preaching.

Regular Price $24.90
Sale Price $12.90 (Save 48%)

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Oct 8, 2020 Abram Kielsmeier-Jones

Using Accordance to Write Your Own Systematic Theology (or Just Keep Good Notes), Pt. 1

Writing your own volume of systematic theology could be a daunting task. Stopping short of publication, many Accordance users will want to keep track of theological insights—their own and others’—as they make their way through the array of texts and tools the software offers.

These two blog posts, patterned after a Webinar I’ve been leading, will focus on systematic theology resources available in Accordance, as well as show you how to maximize user-created modules as a repository of your own theological insights.

I. Recommended Theology Resources in Accordance

Accordance has a large and growing library of theology tools. You can find them all here, sorted by most recently added.

Three kinds of theological resources you might consider are (a) concise tools, (b) more robust tools, and (c) tradition-specific theologies.

A. Concise tools

As for concise tools, I find a short dictionary of theological terms to be indispensable. There are two I use often: Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms and Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms. I just consulted the latter a few weeks ago for a sermon I was preaching on solidarity:

solidarity (Lat. solidum, “whole sum”) The alliance of those not directly involved in a situation of oppression in support of those who are oppressed. This is expressed attitudinally as well as in practice. As an ethical direction it is an expression of a human character trait or “virtue” as well as functioning as a “norm” or guide to behavior.

(If you have the resource in Accordance, you can go right to the entry here.)

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms Despite all the seminary courses I took in theology and all the  theological reading I’ve done before and since, I’m likely to come across a technical theological term or theologian I don’t know or remember. Some examples: sublapsarianism, traducianism, and circumincession, just to name a few. All of these have short entries in the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms.

NSBT Return to Me B. More robust tools

Next I’ll consult a more robust theological resource, whether a dictionary or systematic theology proper. A couple of go-to dictionaries for me are New Dictionary of Theology and Global Dictionary of Theology. Conscious that I bring my own cultural background and presuppositions to any text, I appreciate the diversity of writers that Global Dictionary of Theology features. I’m also likely to consult A New Testament Biblical Theology: The Unfolding of the Old Testament in the New by G.K. Beale and New Studies in Biblical Theology, a 42-volume series that addresses specific theological topics in depth, like repentance, death and the afterlife, and more.

Biblical Hermeneutics - Five Views C. Tradition-specific theologies

You may situate yourself in a particular theological stream (or streams) and/or denomination: reformed, Pentecostal, evangelical, Baptist… or perhaps you want a single volume that address a theological question from multiple vantage points. Accordance has you covered here, too. Whether you choose to utilize a resource that comes from your own tradition, or one that might challenge your tradition, Accordance’s selection allows users to read widely across various theological traditions.

II. So What Is Theology, Anyway? What is Systematic Theology?

Wanting to define “theology” and “systematic theology” gives us a great opportunity to put two concise theological resources to use.

Here’s how the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms defines theology:

theology. A religious belief system about God or ultimate reality. Theology commonly refers to the ordered, systematic study or interpretation of the Christian faith and experience of God based on God’s divine self-revelation. Theology also seeks to apply these truths to the full breadth of human experience and thought.

(If you have the resource in Accordance, you can go right to the entry here.)

The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms has this:

theology (Gr. theologia, from theos, “God,” and logos, “speech”; Lat. theologia) Language or discourse about God. It can be a scientific, methodical attempt to understand God’s divine revelation. It has classically been seen as “faith seeking understanding.”

(If you have the resource in Accordance, you can go right to the entry here.)

theology research

To learn more about “theology,” I could continue to work my way through theological resources, perhaps using Accordance’s Research feature to search all my resources at once (see above). Both definitions in my concise dictionaries stress theology’s starting point as God and theology as the act of “divine self-revelation.” Theology, in other words, is given, or revealed. This sets it apart from other disciplines of study.

What about systematic theology, specifically?

The Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms defines systematic theology this way:

systematic theology The branch of Christian theology that attempts to present theological thinking and practice in an orderly and coherent way. It may be based on Scripture and expressed through doctrines. It implies an underlying philosophical frame of reference and a method to be followed. See also doctrine; theological method.

(If you have the resource in Accordance, you can go right to the entry here.)

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms has:

systematic theology. The attempt to summarize religious truth or the belief system of a religious group (such as Christianity) through an organized system of thought carried out within a particular cultural and intellectual context (see method of theology). A common systematic order in Christian theology begins with God and God’s self-revelation, followed by creation and the predicament of sin, God’s saving work in and through Jesus Christ, the Spirit as the agent in personal salvation, the church as the redeemed community of God’s people, and finally the goal of God’s program as leading to the end of the age, Christ’s return and eternity.

(If you have the resource in Accordance, you can go right to the entry here.)

The idea of “order” appears in both definitions. So my first step in creating my own systematic theology module in Accordance will be to make an ordered list of theology categories.

III. Systematic Theology Categories

I could simply follow the lead of the Pocket Dictionary definition above, and make my list look like this:

  • “God and God’s self-revelation” (theology proper)
  • “Creation and … sin” (anthropology and hamartiology)
  • “God’s saving work in and through Jesus Christ” (soteriology and Christology)
  • “the Spirit as the agent in personal salvation” (pneumatology)
  • “the church as the redeemed community of God’s people” (ecclesiology)
  • “the goal of God’s program as leading to the end of the age, Christ’s return and eternity” (eschatology)

A little adapting, and a little more research in Accordance, and I end up with a list like this:

  • “Theology Proper”: doctrine of God
  • Bibliology: Scripture
  • Anthropology: humanity
  • Hamartiology: the fall and sin
  • Soteriology: redemption/salvation
  • Christology: Jesus
  • Pneumatology: Holy Spirit
  • Ecclesiology: the Church
  • Ethics: What to do about it
  • Eschatology: end times

Now I’ve got my systematic theology categories, which will be how I organize my user-created module, into which I can now place relevant information, quotations, and Bible verses.

In the next post, I’ll talk about moving from the Bible to theology in Accordance, as well as suggest how to create your own systematic theology module.


Oct 6, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

Shine the Light! New and Brilliant Offers

Shine the Light

Sale prices listed below are good through Monday, October 19, 2020 (11:59 PM EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.

New and Simply Brilliant!


NEW! Hebrew Masoretic Text with Andersen-Forbes Morphology and Syntax Database

The Andersen-Forbes database contains advanced morphology and syntax for each word in the Hebrew Bible, based upon the research of Francis I. Andersen and A. Dean Forbes for the last 50 years. This database contains many special features such as word semantic tagging and detailed analysis of the grammatical and linguistic structure of the Hebrew Bible.

Regular Price $149
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Andersen-Forbes Grammar_120

A NICE COMPANION! Biblical Hebrew Grammar Visualized (Andersen, Forbes)

In Biblical Hebrew Grammar Visualized, Andersen and Forbes approach the grammar of biblical Hebrew from the perspective of corpus linguistics. Their pictorial representations of the clauses making up the biblical texts show the grammatical functions (subject, object, and so on) and semantic roles (surrogate, time interval, and so on) of clausal constituents, as well as the grammatical relations that bind the constituents into coherent structures.

Regular Price $65.90
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New and Bright Series from W. Kohlhammer GmbH

The International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament (IECOT) and Internationaler Exegetischer Kommentar zum Alten Testament (IEKAT) are designed to offer an international, ecumenical and contemporary interpretation of the Old Testament (including deutero-canonical books) to a broad audience of scholars, laypeople, and pastors. IECOT/IEKAT are international: they have editorial board members and authors from North America, Europe, and Israel, and all volumes will eventually appear in both English and German. IECOT/IEKAT are ecumenical in bringing scholars of diverse Christian and Jewish perspectives into collaboration. Moreover, the series will cover all of the books of the Hebrew and Greek Old Testament canons, including the Deutero-Canonical books of many Christian confessions. A main way that IECOT/IEKAT are contemporary is in the way it brings together two often opposed perspectives – perspectives often described as "synchronic" and "diachronic." By "synchronic" is understood a focus on a text at one particular stage of its formation (especially its final stage). By "diachronic" is meant the study of a text's growth over time through incorporation of earlier traditions, sources, etc. In addition, IECOT/IEKAT volumes include other contemporary perspectives such as gender-criticism, social-history, and reception history.

IECOT-Exodus 1-15_120

NEW! International Exegetical Commentary on the Old Testament (IECOT) (7 Volumes)

List Price $618
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Individual volumes are also available and are discounted up to 25% during this sale period:

  • Exodus 1-15 (Helmut Utzschneider, Wolfgang Oswald) (2015)
    (Reg Price $78.90; Sale Price $58.90)
  • 1 Kings 16-2 Kings 16 (Steven L. McKenzie) (2019)
    (Reg Price $109; Sale Price $81.90)
  • Esther (Jean-Daniel Macchi) (2015)
    (Reg Price $109; Sale Price $81.90)
  • Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah (Walter Dietrich) (2015)
    (Reg Price $73.90; Sale Price $55.90)
  • Zechariah 9-14 (Paul L. Redditt) (2012)
    (Reg Price $53.90; Sale Price $40.90)
  • Wisdom (Luca Mazzinghi) (2019)
    (Reg Price $109; Sale Price $81.90)
  • 1 Esdras (Dieter Böhler) (2015)
    (Reg Price $83.90; Sale Price $62.90)

IEKAT-Exodus 1-15_120

NEW! Internationaler Exegetischer Kommentar zum Alten Testament (IEKAT) (6 Bände) (German)

List Price $457
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Individual volumes are also available and are discounted up to 25% during this sale period:

  • Exodus 1-15 (Helmut Utzschneider, Wolfgang Oswald) (2013)
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  • Nahum, Habakuk, Zefanja (Walter Dietrich) (2014)
    (Reg Price $74.90; Sale Price $55.90)
  • Sacharja 9-14 (Paul L. Redditt) (2012)
    (Reg Price $52.90; Sale Price $39.90)
  • Maleachi (Aaron Schart) (2020)
    (Reg Price $74.90; Sale Price $55.90)
  • Weisheit (Luca Mazzinghi) (2019)
    (Reg Price $105; Sale Price $78.90)
  • 1 Esdras (Dieter Böhler) (2015)
    (Reg Price $74.90; Sale Price $55.90)


Spotlight on Upgrading Series!


New Additions! Preaching the Word Commentary Series (Now Up to Date with 41 Volumes)

Crossway’s Preaching the Word commentary series is an expository commentary derived from actual sermons and edited for written presentation. Each contributing author is a pastor and possesses advanced skill in the Bible’s original languages.

List Price $1,189
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5-Volume Upgrade from Original 36-Volume Preaching the Word Set


  • Judges and Ruth: God in Chaos
  • 2 Samuel: Your Kingdom Come
  • 1 Kings: Power, Politics, and the Hope of the World
  • The Psalms: Rejoice, the Lord Is King Vol. 1
  • 1 Corinthians: The Word of the Cross

List Price $190
Regular Price $149
Sale Price $48.90 (Save 67%)

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NEW! Biblia Hebraica Quinta Genesis

Seven fascicles of the Biblia Hebraica Quinta from the German Bible Society are now available in Accordance. Genesis is the latest fascicle release.

List Price $59.90
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Sale Price $24.90 (Save 50%)

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Biblia Hebraica Quinta Set (Now 7 Fascicles)

List Price $394
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Coll13-Starter-Triple An Excellent Start!
The New Triple Starter Collection

Starter Collection 13 - Triple: Combined English, Greek, and Hebrew Specialty Starters

Highlights Inlcude:

  • ESV Bible tagged with Strong’s numbers
  • Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible
  • IVP New Bible Commentary
  • IVP Pocket Reference Series (15 volumes)
  • International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
  • Greek New Testament text (with full morphological tagging, based on NA28)
  • Thayer's Greek lexicon
  • Newman's Concise Greek-English Dictionary of the NT
  • Hebrew Masoretic text with full morphological tagging, parsing, etc.
  • BDB Abridged Hebrew lexicon

Triple Starter (Accordance 13)
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Oct 5, 2020 Richard Mansfield

NEW! Andersen-Forbes Morphology & Syntax Database

We are pleased to announce the release of the Hebrew Masoretic Text with Andersen-Forbes Morphology and Syntax Database. This unique Hebrew database is the result of over 50 years of continued research and over one year of development just to be integrated into the Accordance Bible Software Library. In the video demo of this unique resource below, you will quickly discover that the Andersen-Forbes database is the most detailed and precise syntax of its kind, and in Accordance is the most advanced implementation of this data on any Bible software platform.

AF Video coming soon

The Andersen-Forbes database contains advanced morphology and syntax for each word in the Hebrew Bible, based upon the research of Francis I. Andersen and A. Dean Forbes for the last 50 years. This database contains many special features such as word semantic tagging and detailed analysis of the grammatical and linguistic structure of the Hebrew Bible.

There are four Accordance modules that come with the Andersen-Forbes database:

1. A morphologically-tagged Hebrew Masoretic Text
2. A graphical syntax database
3. A glosses Tool with definitions for each word
4. A glossary of special terminology

This past summer, Dr. Roy Brown gave this demo of the Andersen-Forbes database to the Accordance staff at the company offices in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Dr. Brown was working from a pre-release copy of the Andersen-Forbes database and there may be minor variations in the appearance of this demo and the final release product.

Hebrew Masoretic Text with Andersen-Forbes Morphology and Syntax Database
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The introductory pricing listed above is good through Monday, October 19, 2020 (11:59 PM EDT) and cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Sep 24, 2020 Accordance Bible Software

Bible Software Shakeup


Wordsearch Welcome banner - final

Imagine discovering that the Bible software you depend on has been sold to another company and discontinued. Or that the original developer has simply decided to close up shop. Recent shakeups in the Bible Software industry have left many thousands of users wondering how they will continue their studies, sermon preparation, and personal Bible study.

As an Accordance user, you don’t have to face that kind of upheaval.

Accordance has been going strong for more than 26 years now. We’ve weathered major technology changes, supported multiple desktop and handheld platforms, and even faced a global pandemic. Through it all we have offered you, our users, unparalleled support and stability.

Help Us Help Them

When BibleWorks closed, we did our best to help BibleWorks users by offering generous crossover deals. Now we’re doing the same for Wordsearch users.

WS Crossover:
Accordance 13

Triple Starter Collection:
Combined English, Greek, and Hebrew
Specialty Collections

WS Crossover_a

Value: $10,400+ (Over 690 Titles!)
List Price $7,756
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Regular Price $249
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As you speak with friends and colleagues shaken by all the recent changes in the Bible Software industry, please help us help them by telling them about these crossover deals. They’ll be grateful you did.

We have a special landing page for Wordsearch users who want to see what options are available to them. We don't have a Wordsearch user mailing list, so we're counting on you. Please send them to our Wordsearch Welcome page so they can consider what Accordance has to offer them.


Sep 2, 2020 David Lang

3 Tips for Presenting with Accordance

When you teach, do you export information from Accordance into a presentation program like Keynote or PowerPoint, or do you present information directly from Accordance?

For me, it depends on what I’m trying to do. If I’m teaching a carefully crafted lesson which calls for polished graphics and clearly delineated points, I’ll use Keynote. I do that for most of the Bible lesson videos on my YouTube channel, alternating between video of myself talking and graphic or text slides which illustrate the points I’m making.

On the other hand, if I’m teaching extemporaneously, such as a Sunday School class or family devotion, I’ll teach directly from Accordance. In both of those scenarios, I mirror my computer onto a large screen so that my “students” can see what I’m seeing. Then I open Bible texts, maps, the timeline, or other graphics as the occasion demands. Teaching directly from Accordance gives me the flexibility to go wherever the text or discussion leads.

Another reason I sometimes choose to teach directly from Accordance is that it enables me to show how to study Scripture. I want my Sunday School class and my family during devotions to see how I go about answering the questions that arise. When do you consult a lexicon? When do you turn to a commentary? When do you look at the underlying Greek and Hebrew, and how do you go about doing it? Actually showing Accordance in action enables me to teach them how to fish so they can eat for a lifetime rather than merely giving them a fish so they can eat for a day.

In my latest YouTube video, I broke from my usual pattern and chose to show Accordance in action. Since that video examined an unusual claim about Scripture, I wanted my viewers to see how to examine such claims instead of just presenting my critique of that claim. In the process, I came up with a few tips for presenting with Accordance which you may find helpful.

1. Consider the Layout

The Accordance interface is so flexible, you could come up with a number of different ways to show the information you want to show.

Do you want to show some Greek or Hebrew text? Will everyone who sees your presentation be able to read it? If not, you should also show an English translation, either in a parallel pane or using the Dynamic Interlinear.

Do you want to show a lexicon? How do you want it to appear? In a separate zone beside the text or in a tab which hides behind the text until you're ready to look at it?

If you take the time to plan your layout before you begin teaching, you can avoid wasting time moving tabs or zones around in the middle of your lesson.

Radaph 2. Showing Material from Outside of Accordance

In my video, I was examining the claim made by a certain internet meme, so I wanted to begin by showing the actual meme. That material was obviously outside of Accordance—that is, not from any Accordance module. Since I was presenting from Accordance, I wanted to present everything from within that one environment, rather than switching to another application to show the meme. There are several ways I could have done this.

First, I could have used Accordance’s built-in web browser to find that meme wherever it resided on the internet. I didn’t end up taking that approach because I had already saved the meme to my desktop as a graphic (.jpg) file.

Since you can add graphics to User Notes and User Tools, I could have imported the image into Accordance that way. Since the meme mentions John 8:12, I could have included it in a user note on that verse, like this:

Graphic in Notes


I didn’t end up going that route because I didn’t necessarily want a long-term link to that meme. Instead, I decided to use the Accordance web browser to open the actual graphic file on my desktop. In the address bar of the browser, I replaced http:// with file:// and then added the path to the graphic file on my hard drive. Voila! The browser tab displayed the graphic within Accordance.

3. Choose the Simplest Way to Make Your Point

The meme I was critiquing had made a claim about the particular Hebrew word Jesus would have used in John 8:12. I explained that the Gospel of John was written in Greek, so even if Jesus had originally spoken Hebrew, we can only speculate as to which Hebrew word he would have used. I then looked at the Greek Septuagint to see if the Greek word used in John 8:12 was ever used to translate the Hebrew word which the meme claimed Jesus would have spoken.

This was by far the most complex part of a video aimed at viewers who do not necessarily know Greek and Hebrew. How could I demonstrate Hebrew-to-Greek translation patterns without their eyes glazing over?

My first thought was to search the MT-LXX Parallel database for the Greek words used to translate the Hebrew word mentioned in the meme, but this would have required opening multiple tabs and using the MERGE command. That stuff goes over well in an Accordance training webinar, but I doubted it would go over with my YouTube audience.

Then it occurred to me that I could accomplish the same search using the new TEXT command. The TEXT command is easier to get one’s head around than the MERGE command, and it can be done from within a single search tab.

In Accordance, there are often several ways to tackle a problem. The simplest approach is usually the best one for non-academic audiences. (And sometimes even the academic ones!)

Those are my three tips for presenting a lesson using Accordance. I hope you find them helpful.

If you’d like to watch the video which inspired these tips, it’s embedded below.

Do you have any suggestions for ways I could have communicated these points more effectively? Let me know in the comments.


Aug 28, 2020 Richard Mansfield

Sign up now for the September 2020 Accordance eAcademy!



We're just a little over two weeks away from our next Accordance eAcademy!

On September 15, we will offer three free web-based sessions focusing on the theme “The Hebrew Bible: An Old Testament Focus.”

The following topics will be covered in our eAcademy sessions:

  • Doing Hebrew Right (-to-Left): Don’t Get Turned Around in Your Study of Hebrew (David Lang)
  • The Book of Joshua: How to Approach Book Studies in the Hebrew Bible (Dr. Roy Brown)
  • The Old Testament Adventure! (Dr. Dave Langston)

For more details, including bios and session descriptions, plus the opportunity to sign up for any or all sessions, check out our Accordance eAcademy: September 2020 page!